Obstetric Anesthesiology

The OB anesthesia team provides analgesia and anesthesia services to the parturients at KUMED. This service allows our residents to become proficient in epidural and spinal anesthesia. KUMED delivers about 2,300 babies a year and has a 25-27% cesarean section rate.

For the laboring patient, we will provide labor analgesia through epidurals or combined spinal epidurals. For our surgical patients, we provide anesthesia through epidural, spinal or general anesthesia.

As KUMED is a tertiary care center, we have a number of high-risk patients, which allows our residents to be exposed to a variety of maternal disease processes. Some of our high-risk patients include parturients with preeclampsia, cardiomyopathy, Epstein's anomaly and cancer, as well as many others.

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