Administrative Program Support

Experienced, capable front office staff provide support to residents in a wide range of activities. If necessary, one of our residency coordinators will perform typing and editing services for Grand Rounds, Case Conferences and other presentations, as well as keep you up-to-date on licensing requirements and the "business" of residency.

The Administrative Office is conveniently located within a short distance to the Operating Room Core and the Residents Room, which provides easy access for those times when you need to "stop by and sign" or drop off materials, or if you have questions about administrative policies and procedures.

All of your questions about the KU Anesthesiology Residency Program will be answered as soon as you call (913) 588-3304, Fax (913) 588-3365 or contact us.

Our administrative personnel is staffed by friendly, helpful people who will greet you with a smile and guide you through the residency program. Our Residency Program Administrator is Ms. Phyllis Campbell and our Residency Coordinator is Ms. Heather Gorman. Both are knowledgeable and capable to assist you in your residency journey.

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