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India Medical Mission Trips

In early 2019 CRNA Jossie Bell and SRNA Hunter Bell participated in a medical service trip to India. The trip was in association with the Medical Missions Foundation.

While working at the Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital in Bhopal, 150 urology and general surgeries were performed. They had a professional journalist/photographer (Maria de la Guardia) join them for a few days and, they had a blogger Elizabeth Alex, who is a local former newscaster.

"We worked in the same hospital in Bhopal, stayed at the same guest house, and so we were able to strengthen our relationships with the people of Bhopal. Hunter did pre and post operation care. I had another anesthesia student, Mohit Salanki, and my student from last year (Tularam) was there too. It was just wonderful to see him working and be able to teach another anesthesia provider." Jossie said.

The most dramatic case they faced was the removal of a golf ball sized stone from a 9 years old girl's bladder. "She was spectacularly brave!" Jossie added.


From February 18 to March 5, 2018, a team of 19 people traveled to Bhopal, India, on a short-term medical service trip (MST). The surgical/education trip (no outpatient clinic) was in partnership with Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital.

From Monday through midday Friday providers saw general surgery patients—including hernias, cholecystectomies, and urology cases—for a total of 102 successful surgeries. The local people are poor, and since the need is so great the hospital is interested in our group coming twice a year instead of once. They lack people educated in surgery and anesthesia; however, our team members worked in a comfortable environment with reliable electricity, running water, and helpful, cheerful local staff.

Josie Bell, one of the CRNAs who participated in this trip, said: “The local people seem content and full of kindness and gratitude. I have been on nine MSTs, and the people of Bhopal, India, are far and away the gentlest and most interested in serving the volunteers who come to serve them. Every night those locals who worked preop and postop, who cooked our lunches and dinners, also had their normal duties of home to attend to. Service in general is a big part of the Indian culture.”

Tularam participated as an anesthesia tech student. “I taught him how to intubate the airway, how to monitor VS changes, how to mask a patient, etc. He was a delightful student: smart, enthusiastic, kind. I hope to work with him again this February 2019. I am returning on this trip and bringing along my son, who is an ICU nurse at KU,” Josie added.

India mission trip 2018
India mission trip 2018
India mission trip 2018
India mission trip 2018
India mission trip 2018
Last modified: Aug 19, 2019
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Patient Comments

"The Anesthesiology team was all around excellent, however, Jason Asher deserves recognition. Not only was he caring and compassionate, but a calming energy. I consider myself lucky to have been under his care."

"The Anesthesiologists, Dr. Sweeney and Dr. Williams went above and beyond listening to me, explaining things to me, thinking things through. Wonderful!! My post-op course was one of the smoothest ever!"

"The anesthesiologist listened to my pre-surgery concern and altered my care so that I was not sick after surgery"

"My anesthesiologist for my surgery was phenomenal as it was the only time I came out of a surgery without a migraine headache"

"Anesthesia staff were excellent in explaining the nerve block. They saw me every day after O.R. and were very encouraging."

"Anesthesia was very helpful during C-section explaining what was happening and supportive afterwards during panic attack."

"PACU and Pre-Operation great, especially  Anesthesiologist."

"Anesthesia team was amazing."

"The anesthesia staff and their residents did a great job controlling pain during and after surgery."

"Very impressed with all the physicians, especially the Anesthesiology residents."