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Letter from the Chief Residents

Sincerest welcome to all candidates for the anesthesiology residency class of 2025! We're sorry for the many misfortunes in timing that have befallen your class and for the added challenges this creates in the already-stressful process of residency applications. We'd love to welcome you all in person to showcase our program and city, but we'll do our best to give you a virtual rendering of these highlights.

The clinical experience offered at the University of Kansas Hospital is robust. It begins with an integrated clinical base year, an internship comprising rotations in a 3+1 format (three weeks of inpatient duties followed by one week of consultative services or an acute pain rotation). Thereafter, the opportunities in clinical anesthesia years (CA-1, 2, and 3) will expose you to various environments and hospital settings. Anesthesiology residents train at five distinct sites, each offering a unique dimension to residency training. Whether you are delivering an anesthetic for a combined liver/kidney transplant at KU Hospital, employing your regional anesthesia skills at the Kansas City VA, coming off pump in an open-heart surgery at Children's Mercy, or securing the airway in a crash C-section at AdventHealth Shawnee Mission's Birth Center, the unparalleled depth of experience is comparable to few other training programs. Managing these diverse patient populations is a true strength of our program; it promotes an unrivaled level of adaptability and comfort when caring for patients in any circumstance or condition. As residents who've recently started our final year of training, we feel that this program has prepared us well for our careers in anesthesiology.

Our attendings serve as an equally important strength of our residency program. Hailing from training programs across the country, each brings subtle differences back to their practice, further adding to the breadth of the skill set that KU residents develop through their training. Faculty are deeply committed to creating a welcoming training environment while also spurring personal and professional growth as a master perioperative physician.

For those interested, there are numerous opportunities to participate in research, and we've formed established partnerships with hospitals in Ghana and Peru that allow for international education projects during training (assuming the world eventually returns to some form of normalcy).

We truly believe we have something special to offer here in Kansas City. As a city, Kansas City and its suburbs offer affordable housing in an array of settings (downtown high-rises to stand-alone suburban homes), great food options, world-class sports (Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, Sporting Kansas City soccer, KU basketball), a variety of other entertainment options (museums, concerts, breweries, parks, etc.), and an international airport that makes travel outside of Kansas City convenient.

We know that forming an assessment of a program and determining if a given program fits your needs/hopes will be especially challenging this year. Please feel free to reach out to us (Alec Hermanson and Danny Neuman with any questions you may have along the way.

     Alec Hermanson, MD               Danny Neuman, DO, MBA          

     Alec Hermanson, MD             Danny Neuman, DO, MBA                       

     2020-21 Chief Residents

Last modified: Sep 18, 2020
Residency Program
Resident Quotes

"I selected KU for residency because of the family friendly feel I got from the program and past residents. I feel like KU does an excellent job of attracting residents with similar personalities that work well together."

"The clinical experience I receive at KU will prepare me well for handling any scenario that may occur in my future practice. I was looking for a program with broad but in depth training, and my professional goals will be met with a post-graduate education from KU."

"I enjoy living in Kansas City because there is a lot of good bbq and good people."