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Information on Bequeathing a Body


To bequeath your body to the University of Kansas you must complete the Certificate for Bequeathing My Body to the University of Kansas School of Medicine form and return the signed original to the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology. Make and retain copies of the signed original for your personal records, next of kin, caregiver, or attorney.

We ask that you carefully consider your decision to donate, keeping in mind the wishes and emotions of your loved ones. After your bequeathal form has been received and processed, we will send a letter confirming your intentions along with a wallet-sized identification card.

Download the Bequeathal Certificate

Instructions for completing the Bequeathal Certificate:

  • Complete the "Certificate for Bequeathal" in its entirety. An incomplete certificate will not be accepted.
  • If a question does not apply to you, please answer with n/a.
  • NOTE: Even if the donor signs for themselves, the Release and Cremation Authorization section must be completed and signed by the next of kin or legal representative.
  • Two disinterested witness signatures are required as well.

Last modified: Dec 15, 2020
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Bequeathal Form

To report a death,
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