Internal Advisory Committee

Richard Barohn, M.D., Gertrude and Dewey Zeigler Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology (Principal Investigator, Clinical Translational Science Award, NCATS) 

Joan S. Hunt, Ph.D., University Distinguished Professor Emeritus
(former Principal Investigator, Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence, NCRR)

Curtiss D. Klaassen, Ph.D., University Distinguished Professor of Medicine
(former Principal Investigator, COBRE Nuclear Receptors in Liver Health and Disease, NCRR)

Gregory S. Kopf, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration

Joseph F. Lutkenhaus, Ph.D., University Distinguished Professor, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, and Immunology
(Principal Investigator, COBRE Novel Approaches for Control of Microbial Pathogens, NCRR)

Funded by NIH grant 9P20GM104936 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Last modified: Oct 03, 2012