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COBRE Projects - Cores

Core A: Administration

(Dale R. Abrahamson, Ph.D., P.I.)

The Aims of this Core are to provide administrative leadership and coordinate the overall research effort; provide financial accounting, clerical, and other program management support; organize a group of senior investigators who will serve as mentors for newly hired faculty working in the area of developmental biology; manage and document the junior faculty mentoring process; increase the research infrastructure; offer a source of expert, outside consultation for optimization of research efforts in an individual and collective sense; and insure the maintenance of cooperative collaborative interactions between all components of this COBRE, and between other COBRE and BRIN centers and projects in Kansas.

Core B: Transgenic, Gene Targeting, and Genotyping

Melissa Larson, Ph.D., PI, Jay Vivian, Ph.D.

This Core will assist COBRE investigators by providing cost-effective services for the generation, characterization, and maintenance of genetic mouse models. Specifically, Core B will microinject DNA into fertilized eggs, transfer embryos to recipient mothers to create transgenics, create chimeric mice through the maintenance of ES cell lines, electroporation and selection of ES cells, and determine karyotypes. Other services include the manipulation and preparation of DNA for microinjection or gene targeting, and genotyping of transgenic and knockout mice. The facility also provides cryopreservation of mouse lines. COBRE funds will subsidize services for the junior investigators and Center members who use this Core.

Core C: Molecular Biology Core

(Kenneth R. Peterson, Ph.D., P.I.)

This Core will assist investigators with the synthesis of oligonucleotides, DNA sequence analysis, BAC recombineering, microarray chip processing, and data analysis and profiling. COBRE funds will subsidize activities for the junior investigators and for other members of the Center who use the Core.

Core D: High Resolution Imaging

(Dale R. Abrahamson, Ph.D., P.I., Michael J. Werle, Ph.D., Co-I)

This Core will provide cost-effective and time-saving services for the preparation and viewing of samples by routine confocal and scanning and transmission electron microscope imaging, including immunolocalization technology for both light and electron microscopy, in situ hybridization, and lase capture microdissection.

Funded by NIH grant 9P20GM104936 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018