William H. Kinsey, PhD

Ph.D.: 1977, University of Washington
Postdoctoral: John Hopkins University

Research Description

Role of Src-family tyrosine protein kinases in signal transduction and growth control during fertilization and pre-implantation development: Tyrosine protein kinase activity is required for several steps in the egg activation process. The objective of this study is to determine which PTK functions at each step of egg activation and zygotic development. Using the zebrafish and mouse fertilization systems, we are using a dominant negative approach to identify the functions of the Src, Fyn, & Yes kinases in the fertilized egg and during pre-implantation embryonic development. The approaches used include biochemical and molecular biological techniques. In addition, confocal microscopy is used to detect highly localized changes in kinase activity and calcium signaling events.

Representative Publications

  1. McGinnis, L.K., Albertini, D.F. and William H. Kinsey (2007) Localized Activation of Src-Family Protein Kinases in the Mouse Egg. Devel. Biol. 306: 241-254.
  2. Sharma, D., & Kinsey, W.H. (2006) Fertilization triggers localized activation of Src-family protein kinases in the zebrafish egg. Devel. Biol.295: 604-614.
  3. Meng, L., Luo, JP, Li, C., & W. H. Kinsey (2006) Role of SH2 domain-mediated PTK signaling in mouse zygotic development. Reproduction, (in press)
  4. Sharma, D., Holets, L., Zhang, W., and W.H.Kinsey (2005) Role of Fyn kinase in signaling associated with epiboly during zebrafish development Devel. Biol. 285: 462-476
  5. Wen-Bin Tsai, Zhang, W., Sharma, D., Wu, W., and W.H. Kinsey (2004) Role of yes kinase during early zebrafish development. Devel Biol. 277: 129-141.
  6. Talmor-Cohen, A., Tomashov-Matar, R., Tsai, W.B., Kinsey, W.H., and R. Shagli (2004) Fyn kinase tubulin interactions during meiosis of rat eggs. Reproduction, 128: 387-393.
  7. Kinsey, W.H., W. Wu.,&E.Macgregor (2003) Activation of Src-family PTK activity at fertilization: Role of the SH2 domain. Devel. Biol. 264: 255-262.

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William H. Kinsey, PhD