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Mahlon H. Delp, M.D.
Mahlon H. Delp, M.D., was born in Lenora, Kansas, on November 26, Mahlon H. Delp, M.D.1903. He was a graduate of the University of Kansas (BS and M.D., 1934), where he completed both an internship and residency in internal medicine. In 1938, Dr. Delp joined the faculty of the University of Kansas School of Medicine, where he remained throughout his professional career becoming a Professor of Medicine in 1951. From 1952 to 1960 Dr. Delp served as Chairman of the Department of Postgraduate Medical Education and Assistant Dean. In 1960 he became Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine, a post he held until 1969. He retired in 1974.

During his career Dr. Delp received numerous awards, including the Distinguished Service Citation and the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Kansas Medical Center. He also received the Jayhawker Award, given by the Senior Class of the University of Kansas School of Medicine to "the member of the faculty who has shown the greatest devotion to his primary duty as teacher." In an article written at the time of Dr. Delp's departure from the position of chairman, Department of Internal Medicine, Robert P. Hudson, M.D., writing in an alumni publication, described Dr. Delp as "the single most influential figure in our education" and "the spiritual leader of the Medical Center."

Dr. Delp died on January 29, 1989, at the age of 85.

Delp Bookplate

Delp Bookplate
Bookplate commissioned by Dr. Mahlon Delp. Gene V. Yogi Williams portraits Dr. Delp as Frankenstein overseeing a procedure.

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