No-Shave-November Competition


Academic Society No-Shave November Contest

Voting is closed.  Winner:

No Shave November Winner

Final standings:

Wescoe 42
Murphy 41
Wahl 30
Delp 30
Orr 26
Major 24


The contestants:

No-Shave November Collage OneNo-Shave November Collage TwoNo-Shave November Collage 1


Fantastic beard stylingThis year Wahl and Major Society student leaders suggested incorporating the event into the academic societies. Participation in this contest earns points towards the Society CupEach participant will receive 3 points for the society to which they belong. On Nov. 30th contestants will come together to take photos of their glorious facial hair to be posted on the society website for all to see. Furthermore, all students will be encouraged to vote for the beard of their choice. Each voter will also receive a point for their respective society.   


Our Contestants:

John Mussatto Delp
Isaiah Logan Delp
Armando Villanueva Delp
Eric Gourley Major
Dylan Jacobus Major
David Murphy Major
David Nasrazadani Murphy
Travis Haneke Murphy
Marc Roth Murphy
Jack Shuler Murphy
Stefan Johnson Murphy
Michael Haden Murphy
Kirk Duensing Murphy
Michael Tetwiler Orr
Trenton Snyder Orr
Brady Lonergan Orr
Samuel Hund Wahl
Clay King Wahl
Matt Tingle Wahl
Armand Heyns Wahl
Nathan McGraw Wahl
Matthew Gayed Wahl
Danny Rhoades Wescoe
Tarek Shaath Wescoe
Bennett Gladden Wescoe
Jake Hessman Wescoe
Luke Brunner Wescoe
Unimke Ogar Wescoe

The Rules:

  • Face must be completely shaven the morning of November 1

  • Participants must refrain from shaving or trimming their beard until December 1st - in order to look professional, being the student physicians we are, shaving one's neck will be permitted.

  • Participants will be allowed to customize whiskers the final day of the event in order to sway voters. 

  • Participants will present themselves for photographs at the end of the month and voting will take place on this website   

Prostate and Testicular Cancer Awareness 
It is important to recognize that many organizations use this contest as a way to receive donations and raise awareness for specific causes, most revolving around prostate and testicular cancer. We are not doing this for our contest, but encourage participants and spectators to raise awareness and make donations on their own. The Movember Foundation runs a worldwide contest and takes donations to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG Foundation, among others.    

Get pumped up!  

Good luck, Sam Hund Wahl Society Student Leader

Last modified: Feb 11, 2013