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Nominations for student honorees at the Student Recognition Ceremony are due at noon on Monday, February 2nd to Lauren Parker. Salina nominations can be sent to Dr. Scott Owings and Lauren Parker. Wichita nominations can be sent to Dean Garold Minns and Lauren Parker. Click here for the nomination instructions. The Student Recognition Ceremony will be on Thursday, March 26, from 12pm-1pm with ITV connection to each campus. Lunch will be provided!

KU Medical Alumni Academic Society Faculty Directors

2102-2013 Society Faculty Directors

 Front Row: left to right; Leigh Eck- MD, Jana Zaudke- MD, Shelley Bhattacharya- DO,MPH
 Back Row: left to right; Tomas Griebling- MD, George Enders- PhD, Isaac Opole- MD, Michael Kennedy- MD




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Last modified: Jan 21, 2015