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Professional Development Committee

The professional development committee helps to coordinate professional development activities for students and faculty in the School of Health Professions. This committee first organized during the 2002-2003 year, as the student affairs committee and the faculty development committee were disbanded. Past committee reports

Professional Development Committee Members



Term Ends

Dory Sabata

Occupational Therapy Education


Peggy Waggoner

Hearing and Speech


Chad Condren

Respiratory Care and Diagnostic Science


Cheryl Skinner

Respiratory Care and Diagnostic Science


Mildred Oligbo

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science



Student Liaison



Committee Policies and Procedures

A. Membership

Five elected faculty members each serving a three-year term, and one student liaison serving on an annual basis.

B. Functions

  1. Act as liaison among School of Health Professions students and faculty.
  2. Prepare a development plan based on survey results, internal and external initiatives, participant feedback, professional trends and directions.
  3. Coordinate professional development activities for students and faculty.
  4. Select one representative from the school's faculty or staff to serve on the school's Student Senate.
  5. Develop, recommend, and review policies and documents related to student life, in conjunction with the school's Student Senate.
  6. Review the policies and procedures for due process and student grievances within the school, and recommend changes to the dean if necessary.
  7. Coordinate activities involved with the new student orientations and the spring recognition ceremony, in conjunction with the Office of the Dean.
  8. Review scholarship applications and make recommendations for scholarships, academic awards, and honors to the Office of the Dean and/or other appropriate agencies.
  9. Carry out other responsibilities as assigned by the dean of the school.

C. Procedures of Chair/Committee

  1. Chair responsibilities per Article IV, Section 1 of School of Health Professions bylaws.
  2. Outgoing chair obtains name of incoming chair in July/early August after elections and informs the chair of steering committee.
  3. Chair contacts Office of the Dean staff in charge of new student orientations and student recognition ceremony and notifies that person of chair designation for assignment.
  4. Chair calls meeting for late August/early September and as needed thereafter per Article IV, Section 1.C of school bylaws.
  5. Committee plans professional activities per functions #2 and #3.
  6. Office of the Dean provides scholarship applications to committee, and committee recommends recipient per function #8.
  7. A quorum will be three of the five voting members.
  8. Decisions will be made by a majority of voting members present.
  9. Chair receives notification from the Office of the Dean of new faculty members and shall appoint committee members as appropriate to serve as peer mentor.
  10. Committee will work in conjunction with senior faculty to make initial pairing of new and senior faculty as necessary when new faculty are hired.  Committee shall communicate with new faculty and appointed faculty mentor to verify initial meetings have occurred as requested.
  11. Chair serves as an appointed member of the school's steering committee and prepares written summaries of committee activities for inclusion in the minutes for faculty meetings.
  12. The semiannual report by the chair will be saved to server and/or forwarded to the school's webmaster for inclusion on the school's committee reports webpage.

D. Professional Development Activities

  1. "How to Avoid Plagiarism & Copyright Infringement" was presented on campus February 25, 2016. Sonny Painter and Heather Healy spoke about these important topics and provided valuable information including the use of Safe Assign and understanding copyright regulations. Watch video | See also: Dykes Library research guides

  2. "Professionalism and Political Advocacy" was presented on campus April 2015 with a panel of experts including Representative Barbara Bollier
  3. Jeff Radel’s Effective Presentations online tutorials

  4. Resume and Interviewing Skills Lecture DVD – available upon request by email or call x84411

  5. Navigating the Waters of Open Access PDF document
    Dec. 10, 2013 presentation by Crystal Cameron-Vedros and Rachel Gyore of A.R. Dykes Library

Last modified: Sep 07, 2018