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Faculty Practice Committee

Per the bylaws, this committee has been comprised of faculty from both the School of Health Professions and the School of Nursing.

In summer, 2019, it was decided this committee would consist of only faculty from the School of Health Professions going forward.

Faculty will vote in 2020 to change the bylaws to reflect the new composition of the committee. When available, the information on this page, including committee members and committee procedures, will be updated.

Rosann Blackmore serves as interim chair of the committee for the 2019-2020 term.



The faculty practice committee is composed of elected representatives from both the School of Health Professions and the School of Nursing. It is directed by a co-chair from each school. Some degree of flexibility may be appropriate when executing the functions due to the unique committee structure. These policies and procedures represent guidelines for the activities of the School of Health Professions component of this committee.

I. Membership

  1. Membership will be determined by School of Health Professions election.
  2. A minimum of three School of Health Professions faculty members who are participating actively in the faculty practice plan or who are interested in faculty practice issues will make up this committee, each serving a 3-year term.
  3. No more than two members may have a primary affiliation with the same department or division of the School of Health Professions.
  4. The assistant dean from the School of Health Professions will serve as an ex-officio member along with the associate dean for clinical and community affairs from the School of Nursing.
  5. One graduate student from the School of Health Professions will be selected to serve on the committee on a non-voting basis. The School of Nursing will also provide a student representative. 
  6. The School of Nursing/KUHealthPartners manager of clinical and community affairs serves as support staff.

II. Primary Functions of the Committee

  1. These functions are outlined in the School of Health Professions Bylaws approved 3/23/2010.
  2. The committee will maintain informed of issues and trends in faculty practice.
  3. The committee works in partnership with all the schools at KU Medical Center and other entities and agencies to promote excellence in patient care delivery.
  4. The committee provides counsel and recommendations pertaining to faculty practice issues to the associate dean for clinical and community affairs when appropriate.
  5. The committee reviews and suggests models for faculty practice implementation.
  6. The committee suggests methods for marketing and increasing visibility and revenue for faculty practice.

III. Selection of the Chair

  1. The School of Health Professions chair will be the outgoing member (last year of a 3 year term) and will serve with a co-chair from the School of Nursing.
  2. Each chair will be a voting member of the committee.
  3. The following list outlines the duties of the chair:
    1. Serves as spokesperson for the committee in activities related to the School of Health Professions.
    2. Serves as an appointed member of the School of Health Professions steering committee, prepares written summaries of committee activities for inclusion in the minutes for School of Health Professions general faculty meetings.
    3. Is responsible for summarizing the committee's recommendations, concerns, or suggestions regarding specific proposals, and for forwarding these materials to the School of Health Professions Office of the Dean for consideration.
    4. Serves an informal liaison function, as needed, with groups concerned with faculty practice aspects of the KU Medical Center.
    5. Notifies new members of the policies and procedures of this committee.

IV. General Procedures of the Committee

    1. A meeting of the committee will take place on an as-needed basis with a minimum of two meetings per academic year.
    2. Routine business may be conducted through the use of electronic media at membership approval.
    3. The decision of each committee member will carry equal weight in determining the final recommendation made by the committee.
    4. The decision held in common by the majority of the voting membership will constitute the final recommendation made by the committee.
    5. Any voting member may request the department representative to provide further clarification of the agenda item if necessary.  
    6. The voting members will review these policies and procedures on an annual basis and update or modify theses items as needed.
    7. The committee will maintain current versions of these policies and procedures and will make these documents available to all members of the School of Health Professions faculty on the School of Health Professions website.
    8. A clinical research grant award will be made yearly based on a money available.
      1. The purpose of the grant award is to provide clinical faculty with research opportunities.
      2. Applications will be taken from employees with clinical modified titles.
      3. Members of the School of Health Professions faculty practice committee may apply.
      4. Proposals will be submitted to a non-voting staff member of the committee. 
      5. Proposals will be reviewed by members of both the School of Health Professions and School of Nursing groups of the committee, with the final selection based on a point-scoring basis.
      6. Committee members who submit a proposal will not participate in the review and selection of the grant recipient.

Rev. 12/18/2010

Last modified: Nov 26, 2019