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SHP Diversity and Cultural Enrichment Committee

The goal of the cultural enrichment and diversity committee is to facilitate understanding and acceptance of persons with diverse abilities, cultures, and ethnicities within the KU School of Health Professions and the greater community through support and education.

The committee's mission is to enhance awareness among minority students of secondary schools within the Kansas City area about health careers. It also aims to lay the foundation of understanding amongst faculty, staff, and KU students of the uniqueness of and pride for the many cultures reflected amongst the peoples within the School of Health Professions through communication, education, consideration, support, acceptance, and friendship. Past committee reports

Diversity and Cultural Enrichment Committee Members



Term Ends

photo of Bobbie LainczBobbie Laincz

Health Information Management


photo of Jane HughesJane Hughes

Occupational Therapy Education


photo of Dana BosticDana Bostic, chair

Clinical Laboratory Sciences


photo of Karen SchellKaren Schell

Office of the Dean Representative



Student Representative



Committee Policies and Procedures

I. Membership

  1. Membership on this committee will be determined by school-wide election.

  2. Membership will be composed of five elected faculty members, an ex-officio SHP associate dean or designee, and one non-voting student representative from a program in the School of Health Professions.

  3. Members will serve a three-year term.

  4. Each member has one vote.

  5. No member will serve two consecutive terms.

  6. No more than two members may have a primary affiliation within the same department or division of the School of Health Professions.

II. Selection of the Chairperson

  1. The chairperson’s term of office will be a one-year commitment.

  2. The chairperson shall be an elected member of the committee.

  3. The chairperson will be a voting member of the Committee.

  4. The chairperson may be self-nominated, will have at least one year of experience on the committee and will be approved by a majority of the current committee members.

  5. In the event that a member vacates the committee during his/her term, the steering committee will name another member to the committee.

III. Functions of the Chairperson

  1. The chairperson will serve as representative to the school's steering committee.

  2. The chairperson will be a voting member of the committee.

  3. The chairperson will make two reports per year to the SHP faculty.

  4. The chairperson will be knowledgeable of the SHP bylaws.

  5. The chairperson will select members of the committee to assist with preparation of agendas, reservation of the meeting room, and to record minutes of the diversity committee.

  6. The chairperson will preside at all meetings of the diversity committee, or make accommodations for another member to do so in event of his/her absence.

IV. Functions of the Committee

  1. Enhance knowledge and appreciation of cultural practices among faculty, students, staff, and community in SHP.

  2. Promote best practices and the acquisition of new knowledge as it relates to culture and diversity.

  3. Develop initiatives for encouraging diversity and cultural appreciation within SHP through programming and funding opportunities, including scholarships.

  4. Advance interprofessional collaboration with other KU/KUMC divisions and stakeholders, to advance cultural knowledge and appreciation, especially related to education, service, and research.

V. Procedures of the Committee

  1. A quorum will be three of the five voting members.

  2. Decisions will be made by a majority of voting members present.

  3. Minutes will be kept of each diversity committee meeting.

  4. The semiannual report by the chairperson of the diversity committee and other related documents will be saved to the committee's designated folder on the shared network drive.

Last modified: Feb 03, 2020