Academic Affairs Committee

Establishes and implements policies and procedures for program and course review.

Academic Affairs Committee Members



Term Ends

Sandy Keener

Hearing and Speech


Sandy Billinger

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science


Bethene Gregg

Respiratory Care


Wendy Hildenbrand, chair

Occupational Therapy


Stephen Jernigan

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science


Spring 2013 elections, updated August 23, 2013

Committee Policies and Procedures (09/15/2008)

The Academic Affairs committee has provided downloadable templates of the Recomendation for Curricular Change form PDF document (and instructions for completing that form). We remind faculty proposing curricular changes that the proposal must be presented first to the Academic Affairs committee. If the proposed changes involve graduate coursework, the Academic Affairs committee then will forward the proposal and our recommendation onto the Graduate Council for consideration.

The Academic Affairs committee does need to approve new courses, cross-listing of courses, substantial changes in course content, credit hours, etc. for courses provided through electronic media (e.g., distance education). We would be interesting in, but do not require, hearing about use of these technologies to supplement existing, approved courses.

Due to the diversity of programs within the School of Health Professions, we anticipate that some degree of flexibility will be appropriate when executing the functions of this Committee. These Policies and Procedures have therefore been prepared as guidelines, in an effort to facilitate the activities of this Committee.

I. Membership:

  1. Membership on this Committee will be determined by School-wide election.
  2. A minimum of five SHP faculty members will make up this committee, each serving a 3 year term.
  3. Starting dates for the individual terms should be staggered over at least a 3-year period, to promote consistency of committee function over time.
  4. No more than two members may have a primary affiliation with the same Department or Division of the SHP

II. Selection of the Chair:

  1. The Chair will be self-nominated, have at least one year of experience on the Committee, and be approved by a majority of current Committee members.
  2. The Chair will be a voting member of the Committee.

III. Duties of the Chair:

  1. Serves as spokesman for the Committee.
  2. Serves as an appointed member of the SHP Steering Committee, prepares written summaries of Committee activities for inclusion in the minutes for SHP General Faculty meetings.
  3. Receives curricular change proposals related to the SHP, and as such, facilitates their consideration by the Committee.
  4. Is responsible for summarizing the Committee's recommendations, concerns, or suggestions regarding specific proposals, and for forwarding these materials to the SHP Dean's office for consideration.
  5. Serves an informal liaison function, as needed, with groups concerned with curricular aspects of the KU Medical Center.
  6. Maintains a record of all proposals considered by the committee, as well as recommendations made by the Committee and any other relevant materials.
  7. Provides these Policies and Procedures to new Committee members.

IV. Primary Functions of the Committee:

  1. To review proposals for substantive undergraduate curricular changes, such as the creation of new undergraduate programs, degrees, or courses of study, to provide feedback to the submitting Department stemming from such reviews, and to make recommendations to the Dean of the SHP concerning these proposals.
  2. To review all changes in the delivery of undergraduate course content, such as when a course offered locally is modified to be delivered to remote sites.
  3. To review departmental policies regarding student appeals related to academic issues.
  4. To provide a Chair for any Student Grievance Committee formed in the School of Health Professions

V. General Procedures of the Committee:

  1. A meeting of the Committee may be requested by any Member and will be organized by the Chair.
  2. Routine business may be conducted through the use of electronic media, at the Chair's discretion.
  3. The decision of each committee member will carry equal weight in determining the final recommendation made by the Committee.
  4. The decision held in common by the majority of the Committee will constitute the final recommendation made by the Committee.
  5. Any Committee member may request the department representative to provide further clarification of the proposal if necessary.
  6. Any Committee member may request a proposal be discussed further by the entire Committee.
  7. The full Committee will review these Policies and Procedures on an annual basis, and update or modify them as needed.
  8. The Committee will maintain current versions of these Policies and Procedures, and will make these documents available to all members of the SHP Faculty.
  9. The Committee will provide access to current versions of Curricular Change Form templates and instructions for their use, and will make these documents available to all members of the SHP Faculty.

VI. Review of Proposed Changes in Academic Coursework:

  1. Proposals should be directed to the Chair of the Committee.
  2. Proposals may be submitted by any faculty member designated to act as a representative for that Department.
  3. The proposal will include a written justification for the proposed change(s), supporting documentation, and all appropriate forms required by the University.
  4. Five copies of the essential elements of the proposal (justification, supporting documentation, or other relevant materials) also will be submitted for distribution among Academic Affairs Committee members. Alternatively, submission may be made electronically, but an oral confirmation of the receipt of the submission by the Chair must be obtained by the submitting department.
  5. Changes that are primarily administrative (e.g., changes in titles or course numbers) do not need approval by the Committee but must be reviewed by the Chair (or designate from the Committee) to ensure that a full review is not necessary. It is expected that decisions in these cases can be made in three days or less.
  6. Proposals that involve creation of new degree programs, new courses, substantive changes in existing courses, or changes in delivery of course content are expected to be complete within two weeks from the date of submission. They are to be reviewed according to the following criteria:
    1. Proposed changes are in keeping with the Mission and Philosophy of the School of Health Professions and the University of Kansas Medical Center.
    2. Clear justification for the change is provided in the proposal, such as: to reflect evolution of best practice to reflect changes in accreditation process or certification requirements to better serve student needs to better serve citizens of Kansas
    3. Changes in course number, credit hours, etc. are consistent with administrative requirements of KUMC and KU-Lawrence.
    4. Course title and course description are in agreement, and reflect course content accurately.
    5. The progression of course content among related courses is consistent.
    6. Cross-listed courses or courses taught outside of the proposing department are accompanied by a letter from the primary instructor acknowledging that individual's contribution to teaching of the course.
  7.   8. The Chair will summarize the Committee's recommendation, and submit that summary along with the original proposal to the Dean of the SHP for consideration.
  8. A summary of the recommendation, along with comments and suggestions made by the Committee, will be provided to the designated representative of the Department making the proposal.

VII. Functions Related to Grievance Proceedings:

  1. The Committee will conduct periodic review of protocols for hearing appeals regarding student academic performance.
  2. A member of this Committee must be included in any Student Grievance Committee related to academic issues, and that this individual will act as Chair of that Student Grievance Committee.
  3. Service on a Student Grievance Committee will be at the request of the Dean of the SHP.
  4. The role of Academic Affairs committee members in relation to Student Academic Grievance procedures is outlined in the SHP Bylaws, and the KUMC Student Handbook (section: School of Health Professions Student Grievance Procedure; subsection: At the School Level).

Last modified: Aug 23, 2013