Prerequisites: Degree-completion BS Program for RRTs

Prerequisite Courses

Human Anatomy (lab recommended)

Human Physiology (lab recommended)

Microbiology (lab recommended)




English Composition I and II

Oral Communication

Humanities (2 courses)




Students having completed a single combined anatomy and physiology course will need to complete either a second, higher-level A&P course, or otherwise take a course in physiology only.

An overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) for college course work is required to enter the degree-completion program for RRTs. In addition, student transcripts must document an individual course grade of no less than "C" on each prerequisite course in math, chemistry, physics and biological sciences.

A minimum 120 hours of college credit are required to earn a bachelor's degree from KU. Students will earn at least 30 credit hours during the respiratory care program.

Note: To be transferable, all prerequisite and respiratory care course work must be from an educational institution that is regionally accredited. This is not the same as national accreditation. Not sure about your course work? Please read about the differences in accreditation.

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