This program requires 2 years of course work in respiratory care at KU Medical Center. Upon completion of the prerequisites for the program, students will have acquired 50 credit hours. The respiratory care program will provide an additional 62 hours plus an additional 5 hours of respiratory care electives. To earn a degree from KU, 120 total credit hours must be acquired, and the remaining hours can be fulfilled with any electives.

Junior Year, Fall (credit hours)

Junior Year, Spring

Junior Year, Summer

RESP 303 Intro to RC Procedures (4)

RESP 311 Clin Pharmacology III (1)

RESP 375 Clinical Application III (2)

RESP 310 Clinical Pharmacology II (1)

RESP 340 Mechanical Ventilation (5)

RESP 402 Chronic Respiratory Disease Management (3)

RESP 318 Pulmonary Pathology (3)

RESP 345 Adult Critical Care (3)

RESP 663 Scientific Investigations I (1)

RESP 325 Clinical Process (2)

RESP 350 Clinical Application I (1) 

Total: 6 Credit hours

RESP 330 Cardiopulmonary Phys (3)

RESP 355 Clinical Application II (1)


HEIM 230 Medical Terminology (3) (online course)

RESP 390 Pulmonary Function (2)


Total: 16 Credit hours

RESP 395 Pediatric Critical Care (1)



Total: 14 Credit hours


Senior Year, Fall

Senior Year, Spring

Special Note

RESP 400 Advanced Critical Care (4)

RESP 405 Health Care Management, Law, and Ethics (3)

RESP 670 provides the student with a capstone experience in the activities and responsibilities related to clinical processes in one of the specific advanced practice specialties: critical care, neonatal, pediatrics, pulmonary rehabilitation, pulmonary function, sleep, hyperbaric oxygen, management or education.

* The RESP 670 specialty areas of management (prerequisite RESP 661) and education (RESP 662) require additional course work during the fall semester of senior year.

RESP 401 Neonatal Respiratory Care (4)

RESP 665 Scientific Investigations III (1)

RESP 425 Advanced Critical Care Procedures (2)

RESP 670 Clinical Specialty Practicum (10) *

RESP 664 Scientific Investigations II (1)

Total: 13 Credit hours

RESP 667 Registry Review (2)

Total: 13 Credit hours

Other Requirements: All students must pass an advanced cardiac life support providers course before graduation.

RESP 662 Education Principles in Health Care (2) *

Please refer to the KU Undergraduate Catalog for detailed course descriptions

Clinical experience

An integral part of the curriculum, students begin clinical rotations at one of the clinical affiliate sites starting in their sixth week of the program. Clinical rotations provide exposure to patient care and experience in performing respiratory care procedures.

Professional Credentialing

Students must pass the National Board for Respiratory Care certification examination before graduation, as graduates must have the Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) credential to obtain state licenses and practice as respiratory therapists. Graduation from an accredited program and possessing the CRT credential makes the graduate eligible to sit for the advanced practitioner registration examination. Passing this two-part registration examination confers upon the graduate the Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credential. Graduates are eligible to take other credentialing specialty examinations such as neonatal/pediatric specialty and registered pulmonary function technician.

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Prospective Students
The priority deadline to apply to this program is February 1.

Applications may be accepted after the deadline based on space available in the next class.

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