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Curriculum: Degree-completion BS Program for RRTs

Requirements for Bachelor's Degree-Completion Program

This program requires a minimum 30 credit hours of respiratory care course work. Upon acceptance, students work with an advisor to organize a graduation plan and select a clinical specialty area. Specialty areas include neonatal critical care, adult critical care, and respiratory care management. Other areas may be considered with advisor approval.

To qualify for graduation, a minimum grade of C or better is required on all respiratory care courses. The university requires at least 120 hours of total college credit to receive a bachelor's degree from KU. Previous course work in respiratory care may be eligible for transfer credit.

The class schedule follows a typical semester and is designed to be delivered at an organized and manageable pace for the student.

Course No. Course Title (credit hours) Offered
RESP 450 Chronic Respiratory Disease Management: The Evolving Role of the Respiratory Therapist (3) Fall
RESP 455 Physical Science (3) Spring
RESP 460 Advanced Critical Care (3) Fall/Spring
RESP 465 Neonatal Respiratory Care (3) Fall/Spring
RESP 470 Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics (Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics) (3) Fall
RESP 495 Management, Ethics, and Law in Respiratory Care (3) Spring
RESP 650 Research in Health Care (3) Spring
RESP 655 Leadership Management (3) Spring
RESP 665 Clinical Specialty Project (6)
(Students will complete this final course of the program in his or her chosen clinical specialty area.)

Optional Elective
RESP 490 Special Studies or Projects1 (1-9)

This course involves individual study, research or projects in the field of respiratory care under instructor guidance. Written reports and periodic conferences are required. Content and unit credit will be determined by student-instructor and/or departmental conferences. This course may be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits. Prior consent by the instructor is required to enroll in this course.

Please see the KU Academic Catalog for course descriptions.

Last modified: Oct 15, 2018

Progression through the program is easier if the student remains enrolled. Any missed fall or spring semesters will require the student undergo a reactivation process to regain student status, including a $60 processing fee paid to the Office of the Registrar. Any student who is not enrolled continuously throughout his or her program for each fall and spring semester is discontinued as of the 20th day of the semester in which he/she does not enroll. Once discontinued, the student must complete, sign and return a form to be reactivated.

Learn about the online degree-completion program:
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Eligibility and requirements
How to apply

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes start?
Students may enroll to enter the program in fall or spring semester.

What is the course workload like?
This program is designed to be flexible, and students plan the course schedule that is the best fit for them. Students may enroll as a full-time student, or take only a few courses (or even just a single course) in a semester.

How much does it cost?
See the tuition and fees table on the overview page.