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The University of Kansas certificate program in diagnostic ultrasound technology (general and vascular) strives to ensure that the sonographer-in-training acquires the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to enter the profession of diagnostic medical sonography. This is accomplished through didactic and clinical training, as well as practical experience with a diverse patient population. Graduates will be able to safely perform high-quality ultrasound procedures and thereby actively contribute towards excellent patient care.

Performance is evaluated by standard testing methods and a competency-based monitoring process that evaluates the sonographer-in-training's technical competence and ability to promote the well-being of the patient. Upon completion of the program, the graduate will have satisfied all prerequisites necessary to apply for professional credentialing and registration.

Course Schedule

Fall Semester I
UTEC 50 Intro to Sono Diagnostic & Medical Law Ethics
UTEC 51 Intro Sonography Principles & Instrumentation
UTEC 53 Abdominal Sonography I
UTEC 54 Small Parts Sonography I
UTEC 55 Gynecologic Sonography
UTEC 56 Clinical Internship I

Spring Semester II
UTEC 60 Advanced Sonography Principles & Instrumentation
UTEC 61 Obstetrical Sonography 1st Trimester
UTEC 62 Abdominal Sonography II
UTEC 63 Obsterical Sonography 2nd and 3rd Trimester
UTEC 64 Small Parts Sonography II
UTEC 65 Vascular Technology I
UTEC 66 Clinical Internship II

Summer Semester III
UTEC 070 Abdominal Sonography III
UTEC 071 Vascular Technology II
UTEC 072 Clinical Internship III

Fall Semester IV
UTEC 80 Senior Seminar and Review I
UTEC 81 Clinical Internship IV

Spring Semester V
UTEC 90 Senior Seminar and Review II
UTEC 91 Clinical Internship V

Last modified: Sep 07, 2018

Prospective Students
The priority deadline to apply to this program is February 1. Applications may be accepted after the deadline based on space available in the next class.

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For more information about graduation rates, costs, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please see the program's gainful employment disclosure.