Sleep, Health, and Wellness (SleepWell) lab

profile of human head with cranium area highlighted

The vision of the Sleep, Health, and Wellness (SleepWell) lab is to prevent chronic conditions and improve people’s health and wellness by helping people sleep better.

We use mobile technology to study sleep/wake behaviors and collaborate with a sleep laboratory for polysomnography. We are focused on using non-pharmacological interventions (such as exercise and CBT-I) to improve sleep quality in a variety of populations, including older adults and people with multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or chronic pain. 

Researchers in the SleepWell lab seek to understand the following:

  1. How sleep impacts function, learning, and overall health in adults with and without neurological conditions.
  2. The interrelationship between sleep and other factors such as fatigue, cognition, and pain.
  3. How addressing sleep issues may prevent or delay the onset of chronic conditions.