Language Intervention Laboratory

Mark Fey works with child in learning activityMany children have difficulty acquiring skills in nonverbal communication, speech, and language. These difficulties have a negative impact on these children’s social, behavioral, emotional, and academic performance. Speech and language interventions are developed to help these children to communicate and to minimize the problems they have in other life functions. Whether the interventions accomplish these objectives must be determined through research.

Marc E. Fey, PhD
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Marc Fey

Steven F. Warren, PhD

Steve Warren

Speech/Language Interventions for Children

The Language Intervention Laboratory has produced scholarly works on studies of the effects, efficacy, and effectiveness of speech and language intervention for young children. The laboratory is closely affiliated with the KU Department of Hearing and Speech at KU Medical Center, the KU Intercampus Program in Communicative Disorders, the Kansas Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (KIDDRC), the Center for Biobehavioral Neurosciences in Communication Disorders, and the Schiefelbusch Life Span Institute at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kan.

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Student Experiences

As well as serving as the context for studies on the effects of speech and language intervention, the lab has served as a training ground for students working to become evidence-based speech-language pathologists and clinical researchers in speech-language pathology. All work in the laboratory is in compliance with the policies on protection of human subjects of the human subjects committee at KU Medical Center.

Last modified: Nov 15, 2016