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LARRS activities and updates

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Hannes Devos and Melike Kahya are presenting a special symposium at the annual conference of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine in Dallas Sept. 30-Oct. 3.

Melike Kahya presents to audience

Above: Melike Kahya of LARRS gave a seminar at the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport Development and Networks. Her presentation is titled “Neurophysiology of Postural Control: Evidence from Pupils.”

photo of Sanghee Moon with research poster

Above: Sanghee Moon, a LARRS graduate research assistant, presented his work titled “Increased Mental Effort During Abstract Reasoning in Parkinson’s Disease: A Pilot Study” at the Pan-American Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Congress, June 2018 in Miami, Fla.

At the MS Walk 2018, the LARRS members increased public awareness of the importance of MS research and had a demo using a head-mounted eye tracking device. Lab members also supported the event by actively participating in the walk with other people with multiple sclerosis.

photo of Sanghee Moon presenting next to slideshow

Above: Sanghee Moon, a graduate research assistant at LARRS, delivered an oral presentation about driving safety in the older population at the SRF 2018 in April 2018. This study was also published in Gerontology. In addition, Melike Kahya, doctoral candidate, gave a platform presentation at the Student Research Forum 2018. Her presentation was titled “Cognitive workload during dual-tasking in Parkinson’s disease.”

photo of Hannes standing next to slide

Above: Hannes Devos, Ph.D. gave a seminar at the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport Development and Networks. His presentation was titled “Checking the Engine Light: Role of Neurophysiology in Mobility Assessment.”

photo of Melike and Kevin standing with their poster

Above: LARRS students Melike Kahya and Kevin Williams won the Innovation Award from the Balance and Falls Special Interest Group from the poster they presented at the APTA’s Combined Section Meetings 2018 in February. The poster was titled “Does Task Evoked Pupillary Response Reflect Change in Postural Control: A proof-of-concept study.”

Photo of Melike next to her presentation

Melike Kahya successfully defended her comprehensive proposal on March 13, 2018. Her project was titled “Cognitive workload during dual-tasking and its relationship with falls in Parkinson’s disease.”

photo of driving simulator

The LARRS driving simulator has been fitted with hand controls and spinner knob. Hand controls enable individuals with reduced lower limb ability and wheelchair users the ability to brake and accelerate with their hands. A steering spinner knob enables people to steer with one hand, thus providing for hand control use or if someone has effective use of only one hand.

An added benefit of hand controls in a driving simulator is practice can be a stress-free and safe experience.

United Access, a specialized mechanic of wheelchair-accessible vehicles and equipment, donated hand controls for the purpose of assessment and training.

Photo of two students standing with research poster on display at event.

Above: Two LARRS students presented their poster at the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Section Meetings 2018 in New Orleans, La in February 2018. The poster by Melike Kahya and Kevin Williams is titled "Does Pupillometry Reflect Change in Postural Control: A Proof-of-Concept Study."

A proposal by LARRS co-directors Akinwuntan and Devos has been selected to receive funding from the Frontiers Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation Trailblazer program. Titled "A Low Cost Portable Driving Simulator," the proposal is supported by a Clinical and Translational Science Award awarded to KU Medical Center from the National Institutes of Health's National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.

Below: Abiodun Akinwuntan and Hannes Devos from LARRS presented on driving simulation for drivers with medical conditions at the 2018 Transportation Research Board Conference.

Group photo from annual Transportation Research Board Conference

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Last modified: Sep 12, 2018