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REACH Lab projects and publications

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Selected Current and Recent Projects

Billinger SA (PI)
Model-based Cerebrovascular Markers Extracted from Hemodynamic Data for Diagnosing MCI or AD and Predicting Disease Progression
National Institutes of Health
This project will explore the utility of a new class of cerebrovascular markers for the improved diagnosis and prediction of disease progression in amnestic mild cognitive impairment and mild Alzheimer's disease. R01 AG058162

Billinger SA (Co-I/Site PI)
High Intensity Interval Training to Recover Walking Post-Stroke: HIT-Stroke Trial
National Institutes of Health
This project seeks to determine the optimal training intensity and the minimum training duration needed to maximize immediate improvements in walking capacity in chronic stroke. R01 HD093694

Billinger SA (Co-I)
Statins, Mitochondrial Function and Aerobic Capacity
National Institutes of Health
This project will examine the impact of statins to impair skeletal muscle mitochondrial respiration, insulin sensitivity, and aerobic capacity. It will also examine if and how statin therapy blunts exercise adaptations including aerobic capacity, insulin sensitivity, and aerobic capacity. R01 AR071263-01

Billinger SA (Co-I)
Exercise and Intensive Vascular Risk Reduction in Preventing Dementia
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
The purpose of this project is to improve vascular health through exercise and drug therapy to prevent dementia. R01 AG049749-01A1

Billinger SA (Co-I)
Staying Strong and Healthy during Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) for Men
National Institutes of Health
The purpose of this study is to learn if lifestyle changes and counseling along with standard medical care, compared to standard medical care alone, can prevent heart problems and diabetes in men who are receiving ADT for prostate cancer treatment. R01NR014518

Billinger SA (Co-I)
Investigating Gains in Neurocognition in an Intervention Trial of Exercise
University of Pittsburg
The goal of this project is to assess the effect of exercise on cognition and brain structure. 1R01AG053952-01

Completed Projects

Billinger SA (PI)
Understanding Cardiovascular Risk and Cerebrovascular Regulation in Older Adults
American Heart Association
The major goals of this project are to: (1) Examine the relationship of cerebrovascular regulation with cardiovascular risk factors, (2) Examine the relationship of cerebrovascular regulation and white matter lesion (WML) burden and, (3) Explore whether people with preclinical AD demonstrate impaired measures of cerebrovascular regulation.

Billinger SA (PI)
Examining Vascular Regulation Following Acute Stroke
This project is two-fold: 1) Examine the role of stroke severity and inflammatory markers on vascular system after stroke and 2) Determine whether an aerobic exercise program early after stroke reduces inflammation and improves functional capacity. 1K01HD067318-01A1

Billinger SA (PI)
Moderate-Intensity Recumbent Stepping Exercise on Cardiovascular Health In Stroke
Frontiers Collaborative and Translational Pilot Award
Clinical and Translational Science Awards (NIH, NCRR, UL1RR033179-01)
This project will examine the role of a moderate-intensity exercise program on autonomic function and physical performance during the in-patient stroke rehabilitation.

Billinger SA (PI)
Aerobic Exercise and Metabolic Efficiency During Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation
American Physical Therapy Association, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Section
This project will examine the metabolic cost of walking and movement in the acute and subacute stage of stroke rehabilitation and whether aerobic exercise improves metabolic cost of activity.

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green speaker/audio iconBillinger lended her expertise on a podcast titled "Regular Walking Breaks Prevent the Decline in Cerebral Blood Flow Associated with Prolonged Sitting." Listen

Billinger was featured on a podcast discussing her paper published in Journal of Applied Physiology titled "Dynamics of Middle Cerebral Artery Blood Flow Velocity During Moderate Intensity Exercise." Listen

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