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About the REACH Lab

photo of students with Sandy Billinger, lab director

Sandra Billinger, Ph.D., PT (at left) with REACH Lab team members (left to right) Emily Witte (Ph.D. student), Yumei Liu, M.D., Ph.D. (postdoctoral fellow), Jaimie Ward, M.S. (research assistant), Katie Kempf (DPT student), Alicen Whitaker (DPT/Ph.D. student), and Sophy Perdomo, Ph.D. (postdoctoral fellow)

The REACH Lab Team

Working under the supervision of Sandra Billinger, Ph.D., PT, the REACH Lab team includes a combination of current and former students in the rehabilitation science doctoral program in addition to those working toward a clinical doctorate in physical therapy.

The lab provides a collaborative learning environment where young scientists gain valuable experience with established researchers at the KU Medical Center.

See also: REACH lab location and parking instructions.


The REACH Lab currently has affiliate relationships with the following organizations:

The REACH lab consists of state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to assess various aspects of cardiovascular fitness and exercise-training capabilities.

Cardiovascular Function

  • Space is temperature and humidity-controlled for accurate vascular assessments.
  • Siemens Acuson Sequoia 512 standard-resolution ultrasound for standard echocardiography, tissue Doppler imaging, and vessel imaging (e.g. endothelial function, carotid IMT)
  • GE Logiq P5
  • SphygmaCor for pulse-wave analyses, measurement of arterial stiffness, and central blood pressure
  • Finometer Pro, a non-invasive beat-to-beat blood pressure monitor for acquisition of hemodynamic variables
  • Two Hokanson Rapid Cuff Inflation systems for determining resistance vessel vasodilatory capacity
  • Metlab Data Acquisition system with multichannel interface
  • Vascular research tools: automated software to analyze vascular ultrasound images for measures of endothelial function (e.g. flow-mediated dilation)

Cerebrovascular Function

  • Multigon trans-cranial Doppler ultrasound with robotic headband to detect blood flow patterns in the large arteries of the brain at rest and during exercise
  • Transfer function analysis

Exercise Testing and Training

  • Parvo Medics True One 2400 oxygen uptake unit and 12-lead ECG unit
  • Oxycon portable oxygen uptake unit
  • Trackmaster motorized treadmill and Lode Excalibur Sport Cycle Ergometer
  • Actigraph physical activity monitors
  • Three NuSteps, two T5XR treadmills, elipitical trainer, and cycle ergometers
  • Full circuit of resistance equipment
  • Biodex dynamometer

Additional Capabilities

  • Space for blood draws
  • Space for function testing by trained personnel
  • Six-minute walk test
  • Balance tests
  • Small conference room for meetings

special lab bicycle equipment

man's legs using NuStep machine

Group receives award

blood flow ultrasound image

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Last modified: Jun 03, 2019

REACH Lab Home

green speaker/audio iconBillinger lended her expertise on a podcast titled "Regular Walking Breaks Prevent the Decline in Cerebral Blood Flow Associated with Prolonged Sitting." Listen

Billinger was featured on a podcast discussing her paper published in Journal of Applied Physiology titled "Dynamics of Middle Cerebral Artery Blood Flow Velocity During Moderate Intensity Exercise." Listen

To contact the REACH lab or schedule an appointment, please call 913-945-6630 or send us an email.

Interested in internship opportunities? Please contact Dr. Billinger directly.