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Current Students

Pedram Ahmadnezhad

Pedram Ahmadnezhad, M.S.

Academic background: Physical therapy, rehabilitation science
Research interests: Neurodegenerative disorders
Mentor: Hannes Devos, Ph.D.
Laboratory: Laboratory for Advanced Rehabilitation Research in Simulation (LARRS)

Batool Alkhamis

Batool Alkhamis, M.S.

Academic background: physical therapy, rehabilitation sciences with concentration in musculoskeletal rehabilitation
Professional background: lecturer at King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia
Research interests: musculoskeletal disorders
Mentor: Wen Liu, Ph.D.
Laboratory: Neuromuscular Research Laboratory

Karen J. Bock

Karen J. Bock, MPT (LinkedIn profile)

Academic background: physical therapy, biology
Professional background: acute care and outpatient physical therapy, clinical education
Research interests: wound care and lymphedema

Jessica Lemus

Jessica Lemus

Academic background: exercise science, physical therapy
Professional background: student research assistant
Research interests: neurodegenerative diseases

Rebecca Ludwig

Rebecca Ludwig, OTR/L

Academic background: rehabilitative science, occupational therapy
Professional background: occupational therapist working in acute care hospital setting
Research interests: sleep, concussion, cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), social determinants of health, quality of life
Mentor: Catherine Siengsukon, Ph.D.
Laboratory: Sleep, Health, and Wellness Laboratory

Sakher Obaidat

Sakher Obaidat (LinkedIn profile)

Academic background: physical therapy
Professional background: physical therapy lab instructor, clinical supervisor, and research assistant at Jordan University of Science and Technology (2007-2015).
Research interests: neurological disorders, rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation
Mentor: Wen Liu, Ph.D.
Laboratory: Neuromuscular Research Laboratory

Alicen Whitaker

Alicen Whitaker, DPT (LinkedIn profile)

Academic background: physical therapy, exercise science
Research interests: Cerebrovascular health in chronic stroke
Mentor: Sandra Billinger, Ph.D.
Laboratory: Research in Exercise and Cardiovascular Health (REACH) Laboratory

Derong Yang

Derong Yang, M.S. (LinkedIn profile)

Academic background: biomedical engineering, medical imaging
Research interests: computer vision in rehabilitation science
Mentor: Wen Liu, Ph.D.
Laboratory: Neuromuscular Research Laboratory

Last modified: Sep 15, 2020

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Ming Xu, graduate of KU's rehabilitation science program, is a postdoc at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. His work with aging mice is being recognized for its exciting possibilities. Mentored by WenFang Wang and Hao Zhu, Ming graduated in 2011.

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