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Clinical Rotation Information

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DPT Curriculum Flow and Course Descriptions

Clinical Education Policies and Procedures PDF Document (icon)

2019 Full-time Clinical Rotations Schedule PDF Document (icon)

2020 Full-time Clinical Rotations Schedule PDF Document (icon)

Course Syllabi

Full-time clinical experiences

PTRS 920
PTRS 921
PTRS 922
PTRS 923
PTRS 924

Clinical education student performance scoring expectations

On the final web-CPI assessment, the student should score:

  • PTRS 920: Advanced intermediate or better
  • PTRS 921: Halfway between advanced intermediate and entry level or better
  • PTRS 922: Entry level or better
  • PTRS 923: Entry level or better

At midterm, the student should minimally be halfway to the final expected score.

Web CPI Links

WebCPI Instructions and Training

PT CPI Web Instructions for CIs PDF Document (icon)

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APTA Shortcuts

Regulations Related to Students

Student Services and Medicare Reimbursement

Last modified: Feb 05, 2019