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CORR Research Projects and Publications

an image of brain spectroscopy, commonly used in Sharma’s research, measures brain chemicals to study changes in them re: chronic pain

Above: an image produced by brain spectroscopy, commonly used in Sharma’s research. Spectroscopy measures the level of specific brain chemicals to study changes in individuals with chronic pain.

Current Research Projects

Sharma (PI)
Opioid and rehabilitation following lumbar spine surgery: a cross sectional study
GPC Pilot grant
The purpose of this study is to compare pain management and physical therapy rehabilitation services, and investigate quality of pain medication and functional data availability across GPC sites.

Sharma (PI)
The Use of Yoga for Post-Lumbar Spine Surgical Pain Management during Hospitalization
Frontier Pilot Funding Program
The purpose of this study is to test feasibility of the use of a tailored yoga program offered during an inpatient hospital stay and to determine its effectiveness in pain and anxiety reduction, and increasing the functional ability in those post lumbar spine laminectomy and fusion.

Sharma (PI)
Brain Morphometry in People with Low Back Pain: Implication to Physical Therapy
Orthopedic Section, American Physical Therapy Association
The purpose of this study is to investigate whether people with sub-acute and chronic low back pain have brain volumetric differences compared to healthy controls and whether these differences are associated with clinical features of low back pain.

Completed projects

Sharma (PI)
Patient-perceived effort to maximum lifting capacity with two lifting methods for functional capacity evaluation
Bardavon Innovations
The purpose of this grant is to determine the accuracy of subjects to estimate maximum lifting capacity on box lift and Lever Arm lifts and correlation between subjects’ estimate of max lift and actual workload between both lifts.

Sharma (PI)
Cortical Changes Following Physical Therapy Intervention in Subacute Low Back pain: A Pilot Study
Foundation, American Physical Therapy Association
This pilot grant will examine cortical changes and effects of physical therapy intervention (exercise training and manual therapy) in people with subacute low back pain.

Sharma (PI)
Brain Spectroscopy Following Exercise Training in Chronic Low Back Pain
Hartland Institute for Clinical & Translational Research
The purpose of this grant is to quantify cortical brain metabolites in chronic low back pain and following an exercise intervention.

Sharma (Co-I)
Engaging the lumbar range of motion during dynamic lifting tasks in nursing N
IH/NIAMS (PA-13-302: Research Project Grant- Parent R01)
The purpose of this study is to investigate lumbar-pelvic coordination patterns in people with history of LBP and during nursing related functional tasks.

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Individuals with and without chronic low back pain are needed for a current CORR Lab study. Learn how to participate and help researchers develop treatments for chronic low back pain.

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