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Participate in a CORR Lab research study

Individuals with and without chronic low back pain are needed for this study.

Photo of lab director and research assistant at table speaking with study partcipantThe purpose of this study is to examine central sensitization in people with chronic low back pain. It is hoped this study will provide insight about the role of the central nervous system in chronic pain.

The overall goal of this project is to develop targeted and optimal non-pharmacological treatments to minimize central sensitization in chronic low back pain.


Criteria for subjects with chronic low back pain:

  • Low back pain more than 3 months
  • Age between 21-70 years
  • Taking pain medication such as opioid or others
  • Usual blood pressure less than 160/90 mmHg
  • No major diseases

Criteria for healthy subjects:

  • Ages of 21-70 years
  • No history of low back pain within past 6 months
  • No history of spinal surgery

This study requires only one visit (1.5-2.0 hours) to CORR Lab, and subjects are compensated with a $25 gift card for their participation.

For more information, please contact at

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Individuals with and without chronic low back pain are needed for a current CORR Lab study. Learn how to participate and help researchers develop treatments for chronic low back pain.

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