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Winifred (Winnie) Dunn, Ph.D., OTR, FAOTA

Department of Occupational Therapy Education

Lab: Sensory Processing in Everyday Life

Ph.D. 1983; Neurosciences; University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
M.S. 1973; Education/Learning Disabilities; University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
B.S. 1972; Occupational Therapy, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

In addition to her faculty duties in the occupational therapy programs at KU Medical Center, Winnie Dunn, PhD, OTR, FAOTA, is actively engaged in research. She was awarded a W.T. Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence in September 2004. She has also served on numerous professional advisory boards. Dunn held the position of department chair from 1986 to 2016.

Research Interests
Dunn's research is directed toward study of how persons understand and use the sensory input they received, and how their sensory processing abilities affect that individual's performance in daily life. For more details, you may want to visit her website about Sensory Processing in Everyday Life.

Clinical Practice
Dunn's practice expertise is with children and families in community settings, such as public schools, early intervention programs, day care centers, and families' homes.

Curriculum Vitae PDF document


Watch as Dunn explores our sensations, how and why they work, and their impact on our lives in a three-part podcast series, Living Sensationally.

Dunn talks about sensory processing: Her lecture, Sensory Processing: a critical assessment area for autism spectrum disorders is available online with slides. (3/2010)

Dr. Dunn Dunn's visit to Columbia, Mo. PDF document to discuss her work was featured in Touchstone Magazine's Spring 2009 issue.

KU's Dunn was a special guest on CBC/Radio-Canada's "The Current" program, exploring people's desire to have a hands-on experience with wild and often dangerous animals at zoos. The Current  |  Listen

Video: KC LIVE Dunn interviewed about her research on sensory processing.

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Winifred (Winnie) Dunn


Winifred (Winnie) Dunn, Ph.D., OTR, FAOTA

P: 913-945-7332
F: 913-588-4568

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