Why choose KU?

students walk into Memorial Hall for the annual student recognition ceremony

Why Choose the University of Kansas?

You have many choices about where to study occupational therapy. We believe there are specific reasons why you should choose KU.

  • We are a top ranked program. Among the U.S. public schools, KU ranks among the leaders in occupational therapy education.

  • Our faculty are internationally recognized for their expertise; their work is used around the globe.

  • We foster and model national leadership. Faculty is involved in national associations, and we have one of the highest numbers of current and former occupational therapy leaders who are KU Alumni.

  • We have strong ties with the community. We value working within people’s everyday lives, so we spend a lot of time in our community agencies, like schools, dance studios, drop in centers, martial arts studios, and individual’s homes.

  • Jayhawk (graphic)
  • We emphasize working within authentic environments and activities. At KU, we train students to understand other people’s lives, so that our practices become part of their everyday routines, rather than a separate therapy process. If this appeals to you, KU is your choice!

  • We view other people as whole individuals regardless of what challenges they might face. At KU, we believe that all persons have a contribution to make, and have unique characteristics that show us what their capacity might be. We focus on supporting their strengths, interests and goals, believing that everyone has a contribution to make regardless of diagnosis or disability.

  • Our academic medical center campus is situated in a really fun and friendly city. We have a strong arts community, a wide range of sports and entertainment, one of the strongest local restaurant communities, and easy access for travel.

  • KU Hospital Building (photo)
  • Our graduates are sought after when they graduate. Work settings across the nation both train and employ KU graduates. They want to hire KU graduates whenever they can because they know our students are well prepared for practice.

  • You have the opportunity to ‘fast track’ into doctoral education. We have a transition program into both our OTD and PhD programs for students who wish to continue their education. Students can expedite completing these degrees by beginning their doctoral coursework while completing the MOT program.

Last modified: Sep 24, 2013