The doctorate program in nurse anesthesia at KU is 36 months in length and is very intense and demanding. Students should expect to devote up to 70 hours per week to program requirements, including clinical experiences, class time and study time. During the first two semesters, courses are mostly classroom-based and are scheduled on most days of the week, Monday-Friday. During the remainder of the three-year program (semesters 3-9), students will be assigned in the clinic with a variable schedule to include 12-hour days in the operating room as well as overnight, weekend and holiday call. During this time, students continue to take theory, research and other courses which are mostly Web-based but also have some class room time.

This design permits more learning methods to be incorporated into the program and allows students to continue to gain knowledge through academic course work while developing their skills in the clinic. Although many courses in the nurse anesthesia program are offered online, please note this is not a distance-learning program and students are required to be on campus at the KU Medical Center.

Applicants should be aware that graduate study is directed self-learning. While provided direction by faculty, students are expected to be self-motivated and independent learners. 

Most of the clinic experience is gained at The University of Kansas Hospital. However, in the final year in the program, students are also assigned at other clinic sites. This allows students to gain a broader clinical experience and to obtain required or enhancement case experiences. Please note that several of these sites are outside the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Please see our clinical affiliations page for more information.

Last modified: Oct 03, 2016

red triangle with exclamation point warning The application window for this year has closed. Applications for the class entering summer 2018 will be available March 15, 2017.

Application deadline: July 15
Program start: Summer semester (June)

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