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How to apply to KU Nurse Anesthesia

Early Decision Option

  • Kansas residents having completed all prerequisite courses may participate in the early-decision application process. This allows student interviews to occur in July, instead of in the fall under the regular application process.

  • Learn more about the early-decision option.

Note: applications are no longer being accepted for the class entering summer 2020.

The standard application period begins March 15 and closes July 15 each year.

All prerequisites must be completed before August 1 of the year in which an application is submitted.

Before Submitting an Application

It is helpful to have the following information ready before starting the online application:

  1. Prerequisite review: It is strongly recommended applicants complete the prerequisite review worksheet PDF document as early as possible to determine if requirements have been met and to allow sufficient time to obtain missing course work if necessary. The prerequisite courses will be entered into the online application.

  2. Transcripts of all prior collegiate course work: Please provide one unofficial copy of the official transcript, including institutions official seal, from every institution from which a course has been completed.

    After requesting an official transcript, scan the document or take a photo of it, and upload the image directory with the online application. The application is not considered complete until all transcripts have been uploaded.

    Transcripts marked with "COPY" are acceptable during the application process. However, printing or capturing a webpage is not accepted. Student advising reports or any transcript marked "unofficial transcript" are also not accepted. Transcripts provided to KU in any other way may not be considered part of the application.

    For courses taken outside the United States, please see the foreign transcript policy.

  3. Statement of purpose: The applicant is required to provide a statement of purpose of 500 words or less to clearly explain future long-term goals as a nurse anesthesia provider and his or her hopes for contributions to the profession. Writing skills appropriate for graduate-level education are expected.

  4. Proof of valid Kansas RN license: All applicants accepted into the program are required to obtain RN licenses for Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma prior to the start of the program (end of May each year). Any license with restrictions will not be accepted.

  5. Resume/CV: Applicants must upload a resume or curriculum vitae as part of the online application. The resume should include prior employment, including details of all RN and ICU experience. It should also include any participation in professional and/or voluntary organizations. Participation in professional and/or voluntary organizations or committees (e.g., hospital, alumni or nonprofits) is considered an advantage in the admission evaluation.

  6. References: When completing the online application, applicants are required to provide the name and contact information (including email address) of two (2) specific individuals to provide a professional reference on the their behalf. Family members and friends may not be included.

    The references must be provided by 1) a current nurse manager/supervisor and 2) an advanced-practice nurse or physician having routinely worked with and observed the work of the applicant. One of the references must be from the student's most recent ICU position.

    Ensure references have indicated their willingness to submit the evaluation form and formal letter electronically. Please notify the references an email will be sent to them from “KU Medical Center <>” with instructions on how the documentation will be submitted.

    It is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure both references have provided the evaluation and formal letter prior to the application deadline. Applications without complete reference materials will be marked as incomplete and not be reviewed.

  7. CCRN: If certified, a copy of the certification card must be uploaded with the application.

  8. Shadow verification form: If shadow experience has been completed, the form will be uploaded with the online application. If the shadow experience has not yet been completed, the form may be submitted at a later date.

    Students are required to complete an anesthesia shadow experience. This allows applicants to experience "a day in the life" of a professional in this field and gain insight into the many positive aspects of the profession, as well as potential challenges. Shadow appointments may be scheduled at The University of Kansas Health System by emailing the department office.

    The date and time of shadow experience depends on faculty availability. A valid unencumbered RN license is required to shadow at the health system here on campus or at satellite sites. The shadow experience may be completed at any hospital, including the student's place of current employment. During the shadow experience, students obvserve only and are not allowed to touch any patient or perform any procedure.

    Applicants are responsible for arranging the shadow experience and ensuring that the anesthesia provider completes the shadow verification form PDF document (image).

  9. Proof of enrollment: A proof of enrollment may be submitted with the online application if any prerequisite course work has not been completed. A question in the FAQ provides more information about this. Proof of enrollment may also be submitted at a later date.

Step 1: Online Application and Fee

During the annual application window, the online application will be available via a link at the bottom of this page. Please read all instructions carefully and complete all required fields on the application. Before the application can be completed, payment of the application fee must be provided.

Step 2: Additional Application Steps

In addition to submitting the online application, the following must be completed:

Contact each reference to inform the individual they will be receiving an email from "KU Medical Center" requesting he or she submit a reference online.

During the application process, students provide unofficial copies of original transcripts. Prior to enrollment, students must arrange to have one official copy of the transcript from every college and university attended sent directly to KU.

Note: Please do not submit official transcripts online or via mail until asked to do so following acceptance and admission to the program.

Mail hardcopy transcripts to the following address:
Attn: Admissions
KU Dept. of Nurse Anesthesia Education
MS 2020
3901 Rainbow Blvd
Kansas City, KS 66160

Official transcripts are required regardless of the number of classes taken or if credits may also show up on another transcript. Transcripts must be sent directly from the institution to KU and not handled by the student. Transcripts marked "Issued to Student" are not acceptable, even if in a sealed envelope. If course work was completed at an institution outside the United States, please review the foreign transcript policy.

If the institution provides electronic transcripts, please request they be sent to

After submitting the application

If any of the following required documents were not submitted with the online application, they must be delivered directly to the department by fax (913-588-3334) or to the office mailing address above: shadow verification form, CCRN verification (if applicable), or proof of enrollment in any missing prerequisite courses.

Check the CollegeNet activity page to find the latest status of an application at It is recommended this be checked regularly. As application materials enter processing, the applicant will receive an email from the department indicating the status of his or her application.

Personal Interview

After the application cycle closes, the program selects students to invite for interviews on campus in the fall. Applicants receive notification of acceptance to the program a few weeks later. Qualified applicants who are invited to attend a personal interview must attend the interview to be considered for admission.

Note: not all applicants will be granted an interview. Learn more in the frequently asked questions.

Background check/drug screening

Before the start of the program, all admitted students are required to request a background check at the student's expense and provide this to KU. Drug screenings are required by clinical affiliate sites and students will receive instructions on drug screenings separately at a later date. Learn more about the background checks and drug screening policy, including answers to common questions.

Students are also required to obtain active RN licenses for Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma prior to the start of the program (end of May each year). Any license with restrictions will not be accepted. Certification in ACLS, BLS and PALS must be completed and kept current throughout the program at the student's expense

Questions? Need Assistance?

The office staff is happy to answer any questions regarding the program or the application process:, 913-588-6612 (711 TTY).

KU reserves the right to make changes in policy, admission requirements, tuition, financial aid, and fee structure at any time. These changes may occur without prior notification. For any questions, and to assure students have the most current information available, please contact the program office.

Online Application Access

icon of yellow triangle with exclamation pointThe KU nurse anesthesia doctoral program accepts applications March 15 to July 15 each year for the class that will enter the following summer term. As the July 15 date is a hard deadline, after that date the online application link normally found in this section is removed. It becomes available here again on March 15.

Last modified: Jul 24, 2019

Applications are no longer being accepted for the class starting summer term 2020. The next application window opens March 15.

Standard application deadline: July 15

Early-decision application deadline: May 15

Students begin the program each year on the Tuesday after Memorial Day.

Questions? Please review the FAQ before contacting the office.

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