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Alumni: Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice

Congratulations to the following students who have completed the Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice degree program at the University of Kansas.

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Class of 2019

Nurse Anesthesia Class of 2019 group photo

From front row to back, left to right:

Row 1: Laurissa Beckman, Taylor Robertson, Matthew Fray, Tanya Chengappa, Shelby Mollenkamp, Amina Hobson

Row 2: Adam Zigler, Rachel Meredith, Megan Switzer, Jessica Hemming, Angela Ellis, Lynze Schilling

Row 3: Rebekah Wiebelhaus, Micaela Hosie, Jami Shockey, Dan Roberson, Phillip Kwetey

Row 4: Tyson Frost, Brad Tribble, Brian Martens, Dane Blackwood, Patrick Patterson, Rob Schobert

Not pictured: Brooklyn Harvey

Class of 2018

Nurse Anesthesia Class of 2018

From front row to back, left to right:

Row 1: Amanda Pham, Narda Lyons, Jami Crownover, Leah Coyle, Lauren Dhans, Michelle Altenhoften, Anne Njoroge

Row 2: Ali Nash, Dan Saeger, Dan Campbell, Jed Weber, Jamie Jones, Jennifer Hopkins

Row 3: Alan Keller, Brian Doel, Paige Hooker, Tim Gengler, Antony Ngicu

Row 4: Brady Strahm, Mike Johnson, Brad Paprocki, Sean Peters, Ryan Koerkenmeier

Class of 2017

Nurse Anesthesia Class of 2017

SEATED: Kelly Olmstead, Amy Adams-Dreiling, Sarah Clift, Cassie Stone, Lauren Hull, Taylor Buckler

STANDING: Samuel Martinez Morales, Kelly Weafer, Rachel Donahue, Kory Krahl, Brooke Dougan, David Tafreshi, Paige Dempsey, Alyssa Jones, Joseph Weimholt, Trent Blackwill, Corrine Oxenford, Katy Norby, Michaela Bird, Nicholas Denich, Kelsey Horton, Carlson Foma, Keely Cardwell

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Last modified: Nov 13, 2019

Congratulations to 2018 graduates Leah Coyle and Jennifer Hopkins for being published in the online journal CRNA Today! Read Coyle’s article on management of patients with prolonged QT syndrome PDF document and Hopkins' article on anesthetic consideration for patients with hemophilia A PDF document.

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