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Alumni: DNP in Nurse Anesthesia

Congratulations to the following students who have completed the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program at the University of Kansas.

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Class of 2016

Nurse Anesthesia Class of 2016

SEATED: Ashton Ringen, Heather Hoelscher, Kyleigh Armilio, Komla Badjalimbe, Xian Zhang, Alexandria Doyle, Sydney Crowell

STANDING: Ruth Petros, Zackary Waldron, Diane Murphy, Kenny Jo Wallen, Melissa Albers, Garrett Bendure, Alison Russell, Micah Reece, Bree Howard, Courtney Cardisco, Chantal Umutoni, Laura Weisgerber, Angelique Davis, Jennifer Madsen, Maegan Kinkelaar, Jamin Tenbrink

Class of 2015

Nurse Anesthesia Class of 2015

Front row: (Left to Right) Jenny Hermes, Nicole Hofmann, Crystal Craig, Meagan Aurandt, Paige Pasternak, Jamie Seller Middle Row: Steven Freier, Bryce Uhl, Kayla Larsen, Kerri Helm, Maria Oles, Ariana King, Vanessa Jackson

Back row: Stacy Hackler, Benjamin Baker, Marissa Fahrbach, Nicholas Linderer, Reed Tenney, Isaac Russell, Emily Covington, Sigismund Njogopa

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Last modified: Sep 07, 2018

Congratulations to 2018 graduates Leah Coyle and Jennifer Hopkins for being published in the online journal CRNA Today! Read Coyle’s article on management of patients with prolonged QT syndrome PDF document and Hopkins' article on anesthetic consideration for patients with hemophilia A PDF document.

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