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Alumni: Bachelor of Science in Nurse Anesthesia 1979-1986

Congratulations to the following students who completed a Bachelor of Science in Nurse Anesthesiology from the University of Kansas Medical Center: 1986  |   1985  |   1984  |   1983  |   1982  |   1981  |   1980  |   1979   |   Back to Alumni Index Page

Class of 1986

Patricia Bezek
Dennis Bray
Daryl Chenoweth
Michael S. Cook
Mary Ellen Kelly
Jeffrey Moos
Class of 1985

Twyla Landess Burks
Kathy Davison
Stephen Gifford
William Johnson
Bill Landess
Leon Rinehart
Terry Schreiber
Rose Te
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Class of 1984

Terry Allen
Linda Collins
Janice Durkee
William Gressett
Susan Mitchell
Dennis Muldrew
Regenia Wilson
Class of 1983

Judith Crowley
Martha Jane Haigler
Patrick Keer
Lucinda McCall
Vera L. Mitchell
Robert Strong
Michele Uttley
Joan Van Eman
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Class of 1982

Timothy Flynn
Jeffrey Fryer
Dirk Hacker
Marquetta Knight
Kathy Marks Verbanic
Dennis O'Leary
Carol Sue Scott
Rebecca Wall
Class of 1981

John Martin
Robin Nance
Karen Pearson
Steve Ulmar
Douglas Chessir
Bill Daniels
Carol Goeckel
Adrienne Hughes
Koko Knowles
Patricia Masters
Michael Mitchell
Frederico Sanchez
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Class of 1980

Clifton Babineaux
Debbie Felderhoff
Margaret Murdock
Jack Parsons
Elisa Adams
Stephen Haase
Jeanne Lefevre
Kay Wright

Class of 1979

Cliff Brown
James Cleveland
Kathy Perryman
Catherine Williams
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Last modified: Sep 07, 2018

Congratulations to 2018 graduates Leah Coyle and Jennifer Hopkins for being published in the online journal CRNA Today! Read Coyle’s article on management of patients with prolonged QT syndrome PDF document and Hopkins' article on anesthetic consideration for patients with hemophilia A PDF document.

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