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Alumni: Certificate in Nurse Anesthesia 1969-1978

Congratulations to the following students who received a Certificate in Nurse Anesthesiology from the University of Kansas: 1979  |   1978  |   1977  |  1976  |   1975  |   1974  |   1973  |  1972  |   1971  |   1970  |   1969  |   Back to Alumni Index Page

Class of 1979

Julia Barnes
Rod Mitchell
Judy Peck
Rosemary Perley
Stephen Walker
Class of 1978

Terry Blair
Dani Cossette
Donna Else
Ruth Sherrell
Julie Harned
Kenneth Moburg
James O. Parmley
Leonard Peters
Ralph Steven Preston
Patricia Vandeurzen

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Class of 1977

Florence McAmis
Vicki McAnn
Janet Stephens
Priscilla Woodcliff
JoAnn Beugelsdijk
Raenelle Degidio
James Flood
Maxine Schroeder
William Stout
Linda Kiely
Class of 1976

Scot Foster
Lesley Harbrucker
Loretta Koch
Martin Powers
Stephen Snyder

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Class of 1975

Donna Hetherington
Christine Nell Gooch
Shirley Houser
Steven Clifton
Leslie Littell
Ronald Matheson
Sandra Arbo
Patti Ferns
Mary Hennessy
Class of 1974

Peggy Leonard

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Class of 1973

Carol Elliott
Patricia Prenger
Jimmie Kelso
Jo Ann Stotskopf
Sarah Mahony
Raymond Giesler
Linda Irving
Lanna Moult
Kathlyn Stopple
Class of 1972

Fred Staver
Berniece Schlezes
Kenneth Bade

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Class of 1971

Maxine Forsten
Carla Perrilla
Clinton Baker
Joy Lee
Tim Cussen
Class of 1969

Marilyn Bruner
Karen Clarke
Roxy Farris

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Last modified: Sep 07, 2018

Congratulations to 2018 graduates Leah Coyle and Jennifer Hopkins for being published in the online journal CRNA Today! Read Coyle’s article on management of patients with prolonged QT syndrome PDF document and Hopkins' article on anesthetic consideration for patients with hemophilia A PDF document.

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