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Nurse Anesthesia Lobby Day 2014

The KU nurse anesthesia group with Kansas House Speaker Ray Merrick

The 6th annual Kansas Nurse Anesthesia Lobby Day was held January 21, 2014, in Topeka, Kan.

This annual event coincides with National Nurse Anesthesia week recognized every January. There were 23 anesthesia providers in attendance at this year’s event, spending the day networking and lobbying for the profession of nurse anesthesia at the Capitol. Eight practicing CRNAs from Kansas, in addition to 17 graduate nurse anesthesia students, made the day a success. Each Kansas nurse anesthesia program sent student representatives, including 14 from the University of Kansas, 2 from Texas Wesleyan, and 1 from Newman University.

The day began with a briefing and planning session at Hein’s Law offices in Topeka. As a group, the anesthetists traveled to the Capitol building and had a photo taken with Governor Brownback in his office. The nurse anesthetists then met with individual legislators during meetings throughout the day. The KU group was able to meet with Representative Paul Davis, who is running for governor. It was a good opportunity to meet with a potential governor and explain how he can impact the nurse anesthesia profession in the future. The participants enjoyed getting to better know their representatives, and the legislators were interested in hearing more about the profession.

nurse anesthesia group with Kansas Governor Brownback

KANA graciously sponsored lunch at the Celtic Fox, where participants had the honor of listening to Deborah Stern, RN, J.D., of the Kansas Hospital Association. She spoke about current and future health care changes. All lobby day participants returned to the Capitol building after lunch for additional meetings. House Speaker Ray Merrick spoke to the group in the afternoon. Group members were pleased at the positive reception and the genuine interest received from legislators.

Last modified: Sep 07, 2018