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Greta Stamper of the Department of Hearing and Speech among award winners at research summit Story | Video

KU speech-language pathology student brings interventions to son, Navajo and Acoma tribes. Story at

Intercampus Program in Communicative Disorders

KU offers the following programs through its Intercampus Program in Communicative Disorders:

Clinical Doctor of Audiology
The Au.D. degree is intended to train audiologists for clinical practice and is designed to be completed in four years (including summers). This program meets the academic and clinical requirements of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is accredited by the ASHA Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology.

Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology
The master's degree in speech-language pathology prepares new speech-language pathologists to enter the workforce and is typically completed in five full-time semesters, including a summer semester. This program will, in most circumstances, satisfy the American Speech-Language Hearing Association's certification standards for continuing on to the clinical fellowship year. A certificate of clinical competence in speech-language pathology is awarded upon completion of a successful clinical fellowship.

Clinical Doctor of Speech-Language Pathology
A post-master's SLPD program is available for current speech-language pathologists wishing to pursue the highest level of advanced practice. A master's degree in SLP and current license are required for admission.

Doctor of Philosophy
The Intercampus Program in Communicative Disorders offers Ph.D. programs in both speech-language pathology and in audiology for post-baccalaureate study of normal and disordered aspects of communication. These programs are designed to prepare suitably qualified individuals for leadership positions in research and academia. A major focus of these programs is to advance the science of these fields, and to elucidate the scientific basis for the procedures and processes used in clinical practice.

About the Intercampus Program in Communicative Disorders
The Intercampus Program in Communicative Disorders consists of the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing: Sciences and Disorders on the Lawrence campus and the Department of Hearing and Speech on the KU Medical Center campus. The Department of Speech-Language-Hearing is part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, while the Department of Hearing and Speech is part of the KU School of Health Professions.

Students pursuing these graduate degrees take course work on the Medical Center campus in Kansas City and on the main campus in Lawrence. A student may live in either community. Block scheduling of courses reduces the frequency of commuting. A committee of faculty from both departments is responsible for instruction, curriculum planning, student selection and advising, clinical practicum policies, and course scheduling.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences also offers undergraduate programs in Speech-Language-Hearing: Sciences and Disorders. The Lawrence department collaborates with the departments of Applied Behavioral Science, Linguistics, and Psychology to offer a Ph.D. in child language.

Last modified: Sep 30, 2014

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Allison Meder

IPCD student Allison Meder was awarded a 2014 Chancellor’s Doctoral Fellowship. Meder's research looks at how professionals in schools can collaborate to support students with complex communication needs. More

check presented to KU faculty and students
The Topeka Valley Scottish Rite raised more than $8,400 to benefit the Schiefelbusch Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic. The RiteCare Charity Golf Tournament was held in August, and Scottish Rite members presented the check to KU in October.

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