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Below are activities in the School of Health Professions. For news items, including press releases and official announcements, please visit the KU Medical Center Communications Office news.

Four Faculty Receive Frontiers Grant Awards

Four School of Health Professions faculty have earned highly competitive CTSA Frontiers grants. Sandra Billinger, Ph.D., PT, Heather Gibbs, Ph.D., RD, Lisa Mische Lawson, Ph.D., CTRS, and Catherine Siengsukon, Ph.D., PT will each receive an award of $20,000. Frontiers provided $20,000 to one award and $10,000 to the other three. The School of Health Professions agreed to provide $10,000 to each of the other three awards to allow each scientist $20,000 in funding.

Frontiers is a network of scientists from across Kansas and the region working on research that transforms laboratory discoveries into treatments and cures. It is part of the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) consortium, a national group of medical research institutions funded by NIH.

photo of Sandra Billinger"Cerebrovascular Response During Moderate Intensity Exercise in People Post-Stroke: A Potential Brain Exercise Stress Test."
Sandra Billinger, Ph.D., PT
The primary goal of the project is to characterize middle cerebral artery dynamics in people at three-month post-stroke and at six months follow up. The team will explore the role of cardiovascular risk to determine which risk factors influence cerebral blood flow response to exercise. This will increase understanding of brain health in people following stroke.

photo of Heather Gibbs"Measuring Nutrition Literacy in Clinical Practice: Evaluating Effects Upon Providers and Patients."
Heather Gibbs, Ph.D., RD
The aims of this one-year project are to determine whether it is feasible to assess nutrition literacy in outpatient nutrition clinics using a validated nutrition literacy assessment tool (NLit) and whether objective nutrition literacy assessment impacts provider communication and patient nutrition literacy. The team will be working with area registered dietitians who work in outpatient nutrition clinics and provide nutrition care for patients with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and/or overweight or obesity.

Photo of Lisa Mische Lawson"Physical Activity in Overweight/Obese Children with ASD Participating in Sensory Enhanced Aquatics"
Lisa Mische Lawson, Ph.D., CTRS
The major goal of this project is to assess feasibility of measures and collect pilot data to inform power analysis for a larger clinical trial. The team's proposed randomized waitlist control study will address the following specific aims: 1) To determine the extent to which SEA vs. control condition leads to increases in moderate to vigorous PA (MVPA; minutes per week), and 2) extent to which SEA vs. control condition improves child and parent functioning. Jordan Carlson, director of community-engaged research at Children’s Mercy Hospital and assistant professor of pediatrics at University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, is a co-investigator on the project.

photo of Catherine Siengsukon"Assessment of the Feasibility of a Web-based CBT-I Intervention to Improve Sleep Quality and Fatigue in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis"
Catherine Siengsukon, Ph.D., PT
The objective of the proposed study is to assess the feasibility of using cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) delivered using a web-based application to improve multiple sclerosis symptoms of reduced sleep quality and fatigue in individuals with MS with symptoms of insomnia.

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Last modified: Nov 18, 2019