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What does an SLPD plan of study look like?
All students complete an evidence-based course sequence and a capstone project of their own design. Remaining elective courses are taken within and outside of the department and are tailored to the student’s interests and career goals.

All plans of study are individualized to student interests and are created through collaboration between the student and the mentor. A minimum 30 credit hours are required to complete the SLPD program requirements.

Is this an online program? Are distance learning options available?
This is not an online degree program. A student's plan of study can be personalized, and some courses may be available online via distance learning. However, the majority of courses are held on campus only.

Is a dissertation required?
A dissertation is not required. SLPD students will complete a capstone project. Capstone projects may take a wide variety of forms, but most are long-term investigative projects relating to the student’s professional interests and with clinical applicability in the work setting. Capstone projects will be in written form, with a final presentation to the student’s committee. The project must include a plan for dissemination to relevant audiences/readers.

Will I be required to complete additional clinical experiences?
Because SLPD students enter this program with ASHA certification, no additional clinical experiences are required. However, students may choose to include further clinical experiences as a part of their identified plan of study. Additionally, students may be asked to apply clinical methodologies discussed in course work in their professional settings, and subsequently report on the outcomes.

Last modified: Sep 07, 2018

The priority application deadline is December 10 for fall semester admission. Applications received after this date may be reviewed if space remains in the next class.

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