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Information for Students in Selecting References

Thank you for your interest in applying for the master's of arts program in speech-language pathology at the University of Kansas. The admissions committee uses a holistic admissions process. Thus, we are looking for specific information from your reference letters that complement the other information in your application. It is rare that one person can address all the qualities we are evaluating in these letters. You should think carefully about the combination of people who can collectively address the skills on which we need information. Below is a chart to assist you in identifying people who can speak to the various skills we are looking for. In general, it is recommended that at least one of your references be from a professor who can speak to your academic ability and preparation for graduate study in speech-language-hearing.

In the table below, write the name of each of your references and then check off the skills that each one can strongly address. Ideally, you should have two people who can address each skill. At a minimum, be sure to have at least one person who can address each skill.

Letter 1 = ________ Letter 2 = ________ Letter 3 = ________
Academic ability and preparation: How does the student demonstrate a firm foundation in core speech-language-hearing (or related) concepts?
Communication skills: How has the student demonstrated an ability to communicate clearly and effectively in spoken and/or written formats?
Interpersonal skills: How has the student demonstrated an ability to work collaboratively and effectively with a wide range of people?
Analytical skills: How has the student demonstrated a firm foundation in research, critical thinking, and/or clinical application?
Potential for professionalism: How has the student demonstrated an ability to be organized, reliable, and respectful? How has the student demonstrated an ability to grow from constructive feedback?
Potential for leadership: How has the student demonstrated leadership skills?
Cultural and linguistic diversity: How has the student demonstrated an understanding of diversity and/or the ability to work effectively with people from a variety of backgrounds that differ from their own? How does the student demonstrate knowledge or proficiency of languages or dialects other than standard American English?

When contacting your references, be sure to give them the Instructions for Reference Letters and also highlight for them the skills that you think they will be able to address. You may wish to suggest some specific instances when they would have had an opportunity to observe those skills. This will help jog your references' memory and hopefully lead to a richer and more detailed letter. Note that we will also ask each letter writer to describe other items about their relationship with you and your potential contributions to our program. Again, it will be helpful to your references if you provide these details in the information you give them so that they will not have to look up the information.

Last modified: Sep 07, 2018