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GRA Details

Who Qualifies for Funding: M.A., Au.D., and Ph.D. students qualify for GRA positions. Both current and incoming students are welcome to apply depending on the particular posting.

Length of Funding: Typically students are funded for one semester or one academic year, depending on the position. Students will have the option to continue the appointment the following academic year, providing that performance was satisfactory, that funds continue to be available, and that the student's plan of study does not conflict with the needs of the position. Funding generally begins at the start of the semester and is dependent on the type of appointment (i.e., one semester vs. full academic year). Tuition reimbursement is not required for GRA students (see chart).

Responsibilities of Fund Recipient: In general, Graduate Research Assistants fulfill the needs of an office, clinic, or research lab. This could range from answering phones, scheduling appointments, filing, coding, etc.

How to Apply: There are a small number of GRA positions within the IPCD that support research and clinical activities at the KUMC and Lawrence campuses. When positions are available, qualified applicants will be notified via LinkedIn and/or email with information regarding the application process. Typically GRA assignments are made late spring or summer for the coming academic year. Positions may become available at other times due to extenuating circumstances.

Last modified: Sep 07, 2018