Joint bachelor's/master's program

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management
Master of Health Services Administration

The program is offered through KU's Department of Health Policy and Management, in partnership with the Department of Health Information Management, at the KU Medical Center. By participating in this intensive, full-time bridge program, students can achieve both bachelor's and master's degrees in five years. Graduates will be prepared to assume management and executive positions in health-related organizations and bring expertise in health information management to these positions.

Today, as never before, the health care sector is under tremendous pressure to significantly elevate its ability to control, organize, and manage its information resources in efforts to make care safer and more affordable. Successfully addressing these challenges will depend on individuals who are well trained in the fields of health information management and health services administration.

Requirements and Eligibility
Prior to entering the bachelor's program in health information management, students must complete a minimum 60 hours of prerequisite course work.

Students are recruited for the BSHIM/MHSA program with the understanding that applicants must be able to be competitively admitted to the master's program. Students apply to the master's during the junior year of the bachelor's degree program so they are admitted by the summer between the junior and senior years. Application requirements include an official transcript, a minimum 3.00 grade point average, a resume, a personal statement, and three letters of reference (one of which must be from the bachelor's degree program director). Application deadline is March 1.

The following outlines course work in years 3, 4, and 5 of the program on the KU Medical Center campus in Kansas City, Kan. Year 3 would consist of bachelor's degree courses, while the last two years would be a combination of bachelor's and master's course work. The last year is composed of master's-level courses only.

Year 3, Fall Term (15 hrs.)

HEIM 330: Medical Terminology (3)
HEIM 440: Management of Information Systems (3)
HEIM 360: Record Documentation Systems (3)
HEIM 380: Principles of Healthcare Management (3)
HEIM 415: Healthcare Delivery Systems (2)
HEIM 501: Information Resources for Health Professions (1)

Year 3, Spring Term (16 hrs.)

HEIM 435:  Pathophysiology for Health Professionals (3)
HEIM 450: Introduction to Professional Practice Experiences (1)
HEIM 480: Human Resource Management (3)
HEIM 520: Legal Aspects of Healthcare (4)
HEIM 525: Database Management (3)
HEIM 325: Pharmacology (2)

Year 4, Fall Term (17 hrs.*)

HEIM 510: Professional Practice Experience I (1)
HEIM 565 Clinical Terminologies and Classification I (4)
HEIM 590: Knowledge Management (3)
HEIM 640: Health Information Systems (3)
HP&M 858: Health and Social Behavior (3)
HP&M 822: Healthcare Economics (3)*
*NOTE: Students having the required 120 hours to graduate from the bachelor's program may take HP&M 822 in fall of year 4. Students not having the required 120 hours to graduate from the bachelor's program will have to make up the additional hours with HEIM 575 or another approved 3-hour elective that counts toward KU graduation requirements.

Year 4, Spring Term (15-18 hrs.*)

HEIM 580: Reimbursement (3)
HEIM 604: Professional Practice Experience II (2)
HEIM 635: Clinical Terminologies and Classification II (3)
HEIM 665: Topics in Health Information Management (1)
HP&M 850:  Introduction to Operations (3)
BIOS 704 Principles of Statistics in Public Health (3)
HEIM 680: Management Internship (3)*
Students will have the option to take HEIM 680 in the spring, year 4, or summer years 4/5.

Summer between years 4 and 5 (0-3 hrs.*)

HEIM 680: Management Internship (3)
Students have the option to take HEIM 680 in the spring, year 4, or summer years 4/5. 

Year 5, Fall (12 hrs.)

HP&M 825: Financial Concepts in Healthcare Management (3)
HP&M 848: Designing Healthcare Organizations (2)
HP&M 859: Professional Development (1)
HP&M 837: Health Policy (3)
HP&M 819: Research for Health Care Leaders (3)

Year 5, Spring (12-15 hrs.*)

HP&M 827: Financial Applications in Healthcare Mgmt. (3)
HP&M 861: Capstone Seminar (2)
HP&M 840: Organizational Foundations for Leading Change (3)
HP&M 853: Strategic Management (2)
HP&M 833: Ethics (2)
HP&M 822: Healthcare Economics (3)*

* Note: students having the required 120 hours to complete the bachelor's program may take HP&M 822 in year 4, fall semester (see above).

Year 5, Summer (4 hrs.)

HP&M 852: Strategic Marketing (2)
HP&M 860: Graduate Internship in Health Services Admin. (2)

Total graduate hours: 40
Total undergraduate hours: 57
Total hours required for joint BSHIM/MHSA degree: 97

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Last modified: Nov 20, 2015

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