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Faculty Onboarding

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Faculty Onboarding: Procedures for unsatisfactory rating of faculty

Procedures for “Needs Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory” Performance Rating

Faculty Development Options for Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty Members
Handbook for Faculty [III, Part 5, A.2]

  • The School of Health Professions invests in its faculty by supporting faculty development. If a faculty member's performance requires improvement in any area, the department chair will develop a plan for improvement in consultation with the faculty member.

  • If a department chair concludes a faculty member's Overall Performance for that year does not meet academic responsibilities at an acceptable level (Unsatisfactory), the chair and that faculty member will create a written plan to improve the faculty member's overall performance. This plan may include assigning another faculty member as a mentor, providing other campus opportunities for continued renewal and development, changing teaching assignments, facilitating access to counseling services, or taking a medical leave.

  • The details of this plan must be documented, for instance as part of the annual review for that faculty member, and the written plan must carry the signatures of both the chair and the faculty member.

  • The faculty member may reject any plan recommended to enhance performance. This decision must be documented in writing, and will be included in that faculty member’s file. 

  • Faculty members must understand that sustained overall failure to meet academic responsibilities at an acceptable level (Unsatisfactory rating) is a basis for dismissal.

Tenure-Track Faculty Members

Following an Unsatisfactory or Needs Improvement annual assessment, faculty members on the tenure-track who have not yet been awarded tenure may receive a "Notice of Non-Reappointment" consistent with the procedures described in the Handbook for Faculty [III, Part 6, D.1]. 

Tenured Faculty Members

The Handbook for Faculty [III, Part 5, A.3] establishes University of Kansas policy and outlines procedures to be followed if the required annual review concludes a tenured faculty member has unacceptable (Unsatisfactory) academic performance. A valid annual review must be conducted based on individual responsibilities, documentation of activities, and input from the faculty member.

Note that award of three overall unsatisfactory ratings in consecutive or non-consecutive annual reviews during any seven-year period after tenure is awarded automatically will trigger a post-tenure review (Handbook for Faculty [III, Part 5, A.6]).

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members

  • Assessments with "Needs Improvement" in one area should be addressed by the chair midway through the upcoming calendar year and again at the next annual review.

  • Assessments of "Needs Improvement" Overall or "Unsatisfactory" in one area will result in follow-up to the Office of the Dean by providing evidence that a written plan for improvement is in place.

  • An Overall Assessment of "Unsatisfactory" initiates an intervention process defined in the Handbook for Faculty [III, Part 6, D.2].

Following Unsatisfactory and Needs Improvement annual assessments for faculty on one-year term appointments (including research, clinical, and unmodified titles) the contract may be allowed to expire on June 30 of the contract year or under extenuating circumstances a plan for improvement may be developed for that faculty member with approval by the dean of the School of Health Professions.

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Fall 2020 Update: For safety purposes, the Office of the Dean is not fully staffed on campus at this time. However, the office generally remains open daily. Please call before visiting.

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