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Faculty Onboarding: Phased retirement

The Board of Regents has approved a phased retirement program for faculty and other Regents unclassified employees. This program is available to eligible KU Medical Center employees on a voluntary basis and is designed to facilitate an employee's transition to retirement.

An eligible staff member who enters into a phased retirement contract will be able to reduce his/her teaching and/or other responsibilities to between 25% and 50% of a full-time appointment while maintaining the current benefit status. A full-time employee who chooses to enter into the phased retirement program will continue to receive full health insurance, life insurance, leave accruals, and the Medical Center's retirement contributions. This employee's salary will be based on the new appointment percentage, with the employee's retirement contribution based on the new salary.

The Office of Faculty Affairs is the contact point for all information related to phased retirement. This information is available in the myKUMC intranet and requires your KU Medical Center network username and password to access.


Phased retirement is available to Regents unclassified employees currently working on a 50% to 100% appointment and who have attained age 55 with at least 10 years of full-time service with one or more Board of Regents institutions.

Requirements and Limits

  • The agreement must be mutually agreed upon by the employee and be in the best interest of the university. The university may deny the request.

  • Tenure is not affected.

  • The participant must retire at the end of the agreement period.

  • The agreement may be modified by mutual consent.

  • The agreement can be rescinded within 48 hours of signature at the option of the employee.

  • The maximum length of any phased retirement agreement is 5 years. The Executive Vice Chancellor has determined that phased retirement terms in excess of 3 years are not conducive to continuity of education, patient care or research and in most cases will not be approved.

  • The participant may be re-employed on a post-retirement basis after completion of a phased retirement agreement.

  • The participant may begin retirement income from the Board of Regents retirement plan.

Requesting Phased Retirement

1. The eligible faculty/staff member discusses intention with the Department Chair and then submits a written request to Chair.

2. The faculty/staff member will contact/meet with an HR Generalist in HR Benefits to obtain Phased Retirement information. 

3. Direct additional questions or concerns to the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs in the School of Health Professions. 

4. Upon approval from the Chair, the administrator and faculty/staff member together complete the Phased Retirement Agreement and the Appendix A, stating the percent effort for each area. 

5. Routing from the department:

  1. To the faculty/staff member with the signature notarized
  2. Legal Counsel
  3. SHP Dean
  4. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  5. Executive Vice Chancellor 
  6. Returned to Academic Affairs

6. Academic Affairs then provides a copy of the signed agreement to the faculty/staff member and the Department Chair. Academic Affairs keeps the original for the faculty/staff member’s file.

7. Department completes appropriate financial paperwork (HRIS) to initiate the first phase of the agreement. (NOTE: If starting July 1, this cannot be entered at the budget load.)

Questions and Contacts

Last modified: Sep 07, 2018

Fall 2020 Update: For safety purposes, the Office of the Dean is not fully staffed on campus at this time. However, the office generally remains open daily. Please call before visiting.

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