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Faculty Onboarding: Change in faculty track

Annual Review of Faculty Members

Procedure to Request an Academic Track Change

1. Request to the Chair. The faculty member and the chair of the department in which the faculty member holds a primary academic appointment must mutually agree to transfer the appointment track. 

  • Track transfers should not be considered as promotions; rank must remain the same.

  • Faculty originating on a non-tenure track may request to move to the tenure track at any time.

  • Faculty originating on the tenure track must request to move to the non-tenure Clinical Scholar track prior to, but no later than, the end of the fifth year of employment.

  • Faculty may not return to the tenure track. It is a one-way, one-time transfer.

  • There is no limit on the number of transfers between non-tenure tracks. 

  • If the requesting faculty member and the chair are unable to agree, then the chair should transmit to the dean a letter which explains the recommendation of the chair. The dean, at his or her sole discretion, may request a meeting with the chair and the requesting faculty member, together or individually, to discuss this matter.

  • When appropriate, the transfer of appointment tracks should coincide with the beginning of the fiscal year, which is July 1.

  • Request to Chair Example Letter

2. Request to the Dean. The chair and the requesting faculty member should mutually sign and submit a written request to the dean, and such request should include a rationale and justification for the transfer. These requests should be sent to faculty affairs to be routed for signatures. 

3. Decision. The dean shall communicate the final decision in writing to the requesting chair. Faculty members and chairs may not appeal the dean's decision. All appointments are subject to final administrative approval by the vice chancellor for academic affairs.

4. Submission of Paperwork. Once the track change request has been fully approved, the department is responsible for submitting the appropriate paperwork to complete the transfer. All appointments are subject to final administrative approval by the dean and the vice chancellor for academic affairs. Please work with your department's administrator to initiate this process.

Last modified: Sep 07, 2018

Fall 2020 Update: For safety purposes, the Office of the Dean is not fully staffed on campus at this time. However, the office generally remains open daily. Please call before visiting.

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