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Faculty Onboarding

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Faculty Onboarding: Appointments, promotion and tenure

The University of Kansas Medical Center has a reputation for excellence in teaching, in scholarship, and in service. This excellence is based directly upon the quality of its faculty. The purpose of the school's appointment, promotion and tenure process is to ensure the quality of its faculty.

The awarding of tenure and/or promotion to a faculty member is the most critical point in the process of selection and reward for achievements that maintain and improve the quality of the faculty. The criteria for tenure and/or promotion traditionally have been teaching, research, and service.

The review of applicants for promotion in academic rank, beginning at the departmental level and moving through channels to the university level, must be careful, deliberate, and searching if the standard of excellence to which we aspire is to be attained. The same considerations must also apply to recommendations for award of tenure.

Promotion to a new rank principally is based upon evidence of achievement since the initial appointment to the faculty for a faculty member’s first promotion, or demonstrated achievements since the last promotion. Award of tenure further enhances the academic environment by encouraging the development of novel ideas and perspectives, even those not popular among the community.

Tenure is awarded to faculty who have proven to be exceptionally productive in their careers and who can be expected to continue to maintain a high level of achievement after tenure is awarded.

The KU Medical Center Faculty Handbook and the school's bylaws provide information about academic ranks, annual assessments, and related information. The School of Health Professions has an appointment, promotion, and tenure committee, composed of faculty members appointed to this important committee by their respective departments. These committee members are charged with reviewing the appointments of all new faculty, reviewing and recommending promotions in rank, reviewing and recommending award of tenure, and conducting post-tenure reviews.

The appointment, promotion, and tenure process in the School of Health Professions is documented in the resources provided on the APT committee webpage.

The Office of Academic Affairs offers a guide for understanding faculty ranks and faculty tracks as well as a guide to the promotion and tenure process.

As a new faculty member, consider speaking with your department’s representative on the APT committee, or any other member of the committee, or with the associate dean for academic and student affairs.

Last modified: Sep 07, 2018

Fall 2020 Update: For safety purposes, the Office of the Dean is not fully staffed on campus at this time. However, the office generally remains open daily. Please call before visiting.

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