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Holly Hull, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Dietetics and Nutrition

KU scientist one of 3 recipients of the 2014 Blue KC Health Outcomes Research grants

A research program led by Holly Hull, PhD, at KU Medical Center will study a novel approach to preventing excessive weight gain during pregnancy. The innovative program utilizes group-based phone counseling and an interactive physical activity monitoring device that the women will wear to provide data to the researchers and biofeedback to the mothers. Read

As associate professor, Holly Hull, Ph.D., currently teaches graduate programs in the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition including DN 895 Macronutrients. A member of the NIH's Building Interdisciplinay Research Careers in Women's Health program as a BIRCWH scholar, Hull joined the faculty in the summer of 2011.

Research Focus
Hull's research explores the impact of the maternal environment on the health of mothers and their children. Among her current research projects are the following:

  • Assessment of maternal body composition during and following pregnancy to relate to maternal and infant health outcomes;

  • A behavioral and lifestyle intervention to encourage obese women to gain within the 2009 IOM gestational weight gain recommendations;

  • assessment of the impact of maternal obesity and hyperglycemia on infant adiposity and growth and to examine the relationship between dietary quality and cardiometabolic risk factors.

Last modified: Sep 07, 2018

Holly Hull


Holly Hull, PhD
Associate Professor

P: (913) 588-5358
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