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Additional Clinical Laboratory Sciences Coronavirus Updates

Latest update

Our admission policies are unchanged and letter grades are required for prerequisite courses. For those individuals already admitted for Fall 2020 who still have prerequisite courses to complete during the Spring 2020 semester, we will accept the credit/no-credit option as satisfying the prerequisite provided a passing grade is received. Summer 2020 prerequisite courses should be taken for a letter grade. In future application cycles, we will accept a "for credit" grade as satisfying a prerequisite courses taken during the spring 2020 semester, only. We will evaluate the GPA of applicants with "for credit" grades based on those prerequisite courses in which the applicant received a letter grade.

In addition to the latest information provided on the school's coronavirus updates page, the department chair will provide email communication to clinical laboratory sciences students regarding spring semester courses. Please do email Eric Elsinghorst with any questions.

In coordination with leadership of the University of Kansas Medical Center, the KU School of Health Professions continues to monitor the trend of COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus.

The school has implemented actions intended to reduce the risk of disease transmission in the interest of protecting the health of visitors, patients, students, and employees.

The Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences prepared a department-specific plan and provided that to the Office of the Dean for review. Upon approval, these plans were communicated to faculty, staff, and students.

Third-year undergraduate clinical laboratory science students:

  • Lecture courses will be provided online via BlackBoard course management.
  • On-campus laboratory course sessions will be postponed until return to campus is permitted.

Fourth-year undergraduate clinical laboratory science students:

  • Lecture courses are currently online and will remain available to students remotely without needing to visit campus.
  • Practicum courses will continue to be held per existing placement schedules at clinical affiliate sites if permitted by the affiliate.
  • Practicum courses will be suspended as required by stay-at-home orders.
  • Students displaced from practicum due to affiliate closure will transition to online content to ensure competencies.

Students in the master's degree program in molecular biotechnology:

  • Lecture and laboratory courses will be provided online via BlackBoard course management.

Students in the doctorate degree in clinical laboratory science:

  • All courses will be provided online via BlackBoard course management and will remain available without the need to visit campus.

The main department office remains open at this time. However, faculty and staff are working remotely as recommended during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

All departmental plans are in addition to information provided by the executive vice chancellor including those distributed via several university broadcast email messages.

The health and safety of KU students and employees is the top priority for the School of Health Professions.

Please send any questions or concerns to the school at

Last modified: Apr 10, 2020