Tiffany (McBurney) Pothapragada, MS, MLS(ASCP)cm, MB

Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Tiffany (McBurney) Pothapragada, MS, MLS(ASCP)cm, MB, joined the faculty of the KU Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences in 2010. As a clinical assistant professor, Pothapragada teaches undergraduate courses in immunohematology and immunology, including associated laboratory and practicum sections as well as the introductory clinical laboratory science class at other campuses. Pothapragada is an active member of the School of Health Professions alumni board and serves as a member of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science. She maintains her certification as a generalist (MLS) as well as a molecular biotechnologist (MB) through the ASCP board of certification.

KU CLS faculty member Tiffany Pothapragada was named one of the American Society for Clinical Pathology's "40 Under 40." The program recognizes top pathologists and lab professionals under the age of 40 that are making an impact on the future of the pathology and laboratory sciences fields. More

In addition to teaching, Pothapragada is currently pursuing her doctorate in health policy and management at the KU School of Medicine with a focus on immunization policies.

Academic Background

In 2003, Pothapragada received a bachelor’s degree in biology with a major in genetics from the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan. In 2007, Pothapragada obtained a bachelor’s degree in clinical laboratory science from KU with an emphasis in clinical as well as molecular biotechnology. In 2010, she graduated from KU’s master’s program in molecular biotechnology and the following year began doctoral work in health policy and management.

Research Interests

As a graduate student, Pothapragada was interested in cancer research, in particular T-cell leukemia. She worked in a research laboratory focusing on chemokines CCL19 and CCL21 and chemokine receptor CCR7 in preventing metastasis in breast cancer and therapeutic implications in T-cell leukemia.

As a doctoral student, she is interested on improving immunization policies in the United States through improved tracking and documentation of vaccines and aims to do so by utilizing state immunization registries to their fullest potential. Accurate assessments of immunization rates in the U.S. are difficult and vaccine-preventable illnesses remain a public health concern. These registries should allow public health officials to better address the ability to control disease outbreaks where vaccines are available.

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Tiffany (McBurney) Pothapragada, MS, MLS(ASCP)cm, MB
Clinical Assistant Professor

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